2017 Wimbledon men’s singles final time: July 16 21:-0 start

2017 Wimbledon men’s singles final time: July 16 21: 0 start
At 9 o’clock tonight Beijing time, Wimbledon will start the pinnacle of the men’s singles final: Federer VS Cilic.The Air Force fought seven times, and Federer led 6-1. The only loss was the unexpected upset of the 2014 US Open semi-finals, which ultimately achieved Cilic’s first Grand Slam title win after breaking through Nishikori in the final.Four giants monopolized the Grand Slam pattern.This time, the outside world was almost optimistic about Federer winning the championship, and even thought Cilic won a set at most.Federer in the early hours of Beijing time yesterday, Federer swept the Berdych 3-0 in the semi-finals, this is a 3-disc double tie-break 36 innings.Federer made his 11th Wimbledon men’s singles final, moving towards his 8th Wimbledon champion and 19th Grand Slam champion.  After Nadal, Murray and Druid were eliminated, Wimbledon didn’t seem to have much suspense.Since 2003, Federer has been crowned seven times in the All England Club. This is his private lawn.He went to the Australian Open earlier this year and announced his return to the top. After withdrawing from the entire clay court season, Wimbledon seems to be looking for something.  Federer first settled the good boy Cilic to become the first bankrupt to reach Wimbledon’s men’s singles after Ivanisevic in 2001.Cilic said: I believe that this is Roger (Federer)’s home court, he always has the best performance here, but I also believe that I have the ability to win the championship and hope that my dreams come true.  After successively defeating big players such as Big Zverev, Dimitrov, Raonic, Berdych and so on, Federer will usher in a senior Cilic.Federer quipped: I don’t know what the sport will look like in 50 years. Maybe we have to increase the net height and expand the venue a bit.In the US Open in 2014, he (Cici) played an incredible game against me, so I knew the final would be tough.  In 2003, Federer was crowned in the All England Club for the first time, and an era has been opened since then.I don’t remember what I did in 2003. At that time, my team was much smaller, and there were no children running around. I was not afraid of being awakened by children at night.Federer said that today I will close the door and tell the children that Dad is sleeping.I just want to try my best to rest and make sure I sleep well so that I have enough energy to give inspiration and creativity.Fortunately, there was no injury this year, which really eased me a lot.(All media reporter Sun Jiahui)