If you are the one, Song Haiyun, a female guest, has exposed herself to being cheated by a national basketball player

“You Are the One,” Song Haiyun, a female guest, has been exposed to the feeling of being deceived by a national basketball player
In the “You Are the One” program broadcast by Jiangsu Satellite TV on May 4th, Beijing time, female guest Song Haiyun discovered that a national basketball player had deceived her feelings.  In this episode, a male guest from Taiwan tells his emotional experience in the VCR and he has been treated as a spare tire.In the process, the female guest Song Haiyun was deeply touched and gave a keynote speech at the same time. “You just said that you have the experience of being a spare tire. This experience is a bit like me, even I have had this experience before.Said female guest Song Haiyun.  ”That man is also an athlete, the CBA, the national team.I just chatted with him for a while, but I didn’t know he had a girlfriend anyway.And I really like him.I flew to his city to find him on the second day of Chinese New Year.When the result arrived, I found out that he had a girlfriend on Weibo through other channels.Then I was very sad.””But he kept concealing me and never told me at all.Later, I talked to Promise, because Promise knew him.Then promise.” “Anyway, promise to tell me, don’t be sad for this kind of person.I think so too. Nowadays, many men eat in the bowl and look at the pot.I think this kind of man is abominable.”However, the female guests did not disclose the name of the country’s players.At the same time, the promise of participating in the “You Are the One” program did not reveal the name of the country’s players.But it must be said that such unethical things happen to the country’s hands, it really should not be.