NBA star rape case reversal girl masturbates early to lure Ross to have a relationship _1

NBA star rape case reversal girl masturbates to lure Ross to have a relationship in the morning
▲ NBA star Ross did not attend the warm-up due to sexual assault lawsuit.(Picture/Dazhi Image/Associated Press) NBA star Derrick Rose was accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend last year and was fined $21.5 million (about NT$670 million).But a few days ago, Rose appeared in court to testify, and the case showed a great turning point. Rose’s lawyer said that the plaintiff’s woman deleted a lot of newsletters contacted by Ross, which included conversations about sexual relations and the purchase of sex toys.  According to the “Los Angeles Times”, the plaintiff’s woman and Ross have always been separated, and she told the judge that after drinking a little drink at home that day, she fell asleep in bed and woke up to find herself and Rose’s 2A friend was sexually assaulted.  Ross’s lawyer countered the woman’s removal of some of the newsletters of the day when she appeared in court a few days ago, including repeating Ross’s failure to have sex with her friends, asking Ross to send money to her, and paying for the taxi and the purchase of sex toys.Rose said that it was the woman who first sent the newsletter and told him, “You let me go to bed and get burnt.” He went to the woman’s house, and when he arrived, the woman was masturbating with sex toys. “She first tempted me,I don’t think I made a mistake.The plaintiff’s woman faced the so-called newsletter, which was not deleted, but the trial judge Michael Fitzgerald was not convinced. He said that if the content of the newsletter is really reduced, it will be aSerious question, “I will consider invalidating the trial.”