2015 NBA Western Conference Finals-Rockets vs. Warriors Preview Warcraft Horror Missed Harden PK Curry_1

2015 NBA Western Conference Finals-Rockets vs. Warriors Preview Warcraft Horror Missed Harden PK Curry
The Rockets will usher in the second game of the Western Conference Finals on the 22nd.The Warriors have won the first game, and the Rockets faced the problem of Howard’s injury.How the Rockets respond to the inside lineup of the Warriors’ best defensive lineup and whether it can form a positive confrontation is worthy of attention.Harden, who gave a wonderful performance in the first game, will continue PK Curry. Can he lead the Rockets to counterattack?(Beijing time, May 22, start at 9:00) The second World of Warcraft is afraid of missing the game. Highlights: The Rockets’ inner line due to collision with Smith, Howard suffered a sprained left knee in the first game.He did not participate in the Rockets’ training on the 21st and is likely to miss the second battle.In the regular season this season, Howard missed 41 games due to a right knee injury.That is, during the regular season Warcraft and Jones continued injury, Motie Eunus actively locked the position of the starting inside.And now that the Rockets have lost Morty ahead of time, can they still show up inside bright spots when they lose Warcraft?Can Capella complete the mission?  Even if Howard didn’t show any injury, the Rockets had a lot of pressure on the inside line-Draymond Green had just been selected as the first team in the All-Defensive team, and Bogut was selected as the second team in the All-Defensive team.In the first game of the Western Conference, Green fully displayed his momentum, and Bogut defended the basket and the high-quality cover in the offense also showed an active role.Mai Shuai has expressed that he hopes Smith will play inside.If Howard truce, Smith will usher in the opportunity to fully prove himself in the second war.球星对决:哈登VS库里  库里在首战砍下34分6篮板5助攻2抢断,三分球11投6中更是延续了神准走势——近3场比赛库里共射入20个Three-pointer.Harden scored 28 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists and 4 steals in the first game. In the final quarter, Harden’s heroic attitude with the rocket alone made the Warriors camp’s “Contra Costa Times” also praised.The comparison of the situation between the two sides determines that Harden’s leadership is more difficult than Curry.But it also means that Harden is closer to the clue of MVP expressiveness.  In the regular season, Harden played a leading role in Howard’s continued truce.Therefore, the Rockets general said: The problem of Warcraft now being re-injured can be overcome.Can it be overcome?It will be directly determined by Harden’s performance.Team status: Little Warriors show their power    During the regular season, when the Warriors swept the Rockets, Livingston exemplified the small lineup and demonstrated the winning effect.Livingston scored a playoff career high of 18 points in the first game of the Western Conference, leading the Warriors to set off a wave of 25-6 rapid counterattacks after 16 points in the second quarter of the second quarter, once again reflecting the power of the Little Warriors.  In the case of Howard’s injury, the Rockets first faced the choice of whether to also play a small lineup. Mai Shuai said that the Rockets would not deliberately do so.He emphasized that the small lineup has many loopholes, and the Rockets’ top priority is to be able to grasp the opponent’s loopholes-in the second battle, the Rockets should increase the attack on the Warriors’ inside.Focus remarks: The Rockets need to do two things. We have to wait until tomorrow to determine (whether to play). The time is too tight. I was injured yesterday.Talking about whether he can play in the second game, Howard said.The series is very long.We can’t think we lost the series because we lost the first game.  That’s how we came this season.Talking about Howard’s injury, Harden said that everyone is preparing to contribute.Harden also expressed: I hope (Howard) this big guy can recover health and come out to help us.Regarding the Rockets’ problems in the first game, Harden concluded: Similar to the first game of the Clippers series, we should control their movement and control our mistakes.(天上火)预计首发阵容  勇士:博古特、德雷蒙德-格林、哈里森-巴恩斯、克莱-汤普森、库里  火箭:卡佩拉、约什-史密斯、阿里扎、哈登、Terry