2019 major influence network drama series, Twelve Hours of Chang’an and so on

2019 major influence network drama series, “Twelve Hours of Chang’an” and so on
On January 12, the reporter was informed that in the “2019 Fingertip Drama List, Variety List, and Documentary List” jointly organized by the “Television Guide” magazine of the State Administration of Radio and Television and the media internal reference, “Changan Twelve Hours” and “Ice Breaking Action””Chen Qingling” and other plays won the most influential online drama series of 2019.In the drama forum, “young people” and “youth” become high-frequency words.Stills of “Twelve Hours of Chang’an”.From the beginning of 2019, it triggered young people’s discussion of many topics such as native families to “It’s All Good”, and then to the end of the “commemorative year” that triggered a comedy frenzy, and the Chinese film and television market in 2019Once again staged the law of attraction of young people.”Good content should call out normal good emotions, and should be spoken in a way that young people like to hear.”Xie Ying, general manager of Youku Drama Center, when talking about the creative idea of “Changan Twelve Hours”, thinks that the current film and television company’s idea of script should be developed around the new generation of users.Under the theme, the story is told in a form that is more acceptable to contemporary young people, and the effect will be better.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei Editor Wu Longzhen Li Lijun

WeChat mini game receiving health system, single recharge under the age of 16 does not exceed 50 yuan

WeChat mini game receiving health system, single recharge under the age of 16 does not exceed 50 yuan
On March 31, WeChat Mini Games officially announced that the platform has upgraded the protection capabilities of minors. In addition to connecting to the health system, the time limit function for minors has also been launched.The reporter interviewed many foreigners and learned that the health system will be connected to the public security real-name inspection system, combined with the platform system capabilities, to moderately restrict and manage the game behavior of minor users.According to the official introduction of Tencent, the system requires users to have valid identity information when using mini-game services.On April 1, when the reporter clicked on the mini-game interface, the system popped up a prompt to indicate the need for real-name authentication.After authenticating the user’s identity, Tencent’s small game strictly restricts the game duration and distribution of minors.From 22:00 to 8:00 the next day, minor users will not be able to use the mini game service.In addition, the daily accumulation of minors on statutory holidays does not exceed 3 hours, and the daily increment at other times does not exceed 1.5 hours.At the same time, the system also limits the recharge of minors by age.Users under the age of 8 cannot use the services of the game; users over the age of 8 and under the age of 16, the single recharge amount cannot exceed 50 yuan, and the monthly recharge amount cannot exceed 200 yuan; users over the age of 16 and under the age of 18,The amount of a single recharge shall not exceed RMB 100, and the monthly recharge shall not exceed RMB 400.Sauna, Ye Wang Qin Che editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Li Xiangling

B station overweight music market, 10 billion exposure to support musicians

B station overweight music market, 10 billion exposure to support musicians
Sauna Night News Recently, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as “Station B”) announced the launch of the “Music Star Project”, which will use its six major resource systems to fully develop music-oriented content and support outstanding music content creators.At the same time, the B station also launched the “Music UP Master Training Program”, creators who are aspiring to become the master of the music district will have the opportunity to receive video tutoring from six mentors, including well-known musician Hu Haiquan.Music content is an important part of the content ecology of station B.At present, the music area of station B has covered original music, cover, VOCALOID · UTAU (note: electronic sound synthesis software), electronic music, performance, music scene, music synthesis and other content.The B plus plus music market released this time, the “Music Star Project” launched around the music area, will be supported with tens of billions of exposure support, millions of bonus incentives, exclusive account authentication, exclusive joint submission, account operation guidance and official deep cooperation, etc.Six resources to support the field of music content creation.In addition to covering the original music, cover and other dozens of music video categories, the content of the music area of station B has also grown rapidly in various vertical fields: various types of instrumental music performances, music reviews, music scenes and tutorials can be obtained earlier.Of attention.”At Station B, even the whistle and the screaming chicken, the calculator can become the protagonist of the video and play music that makes people laugh.”UP Lord” Uncle Ham “said.”Uncle Ham” has been stationed in Station B for 4 months, and a “Sweet Sweet” has been played nearly 1.85 million times, and has more than 100,000 fans.”For a middle-aged uncle who is over 30 years old, station B has no age, and it has given us novices great help.”Lord Vinheteiro”, a Brazilian luthier UP, played music with screaming chickens.The high-quality works of professional musicians can also be widely spread and publicized through the unique barrage environment and second-generation form of station B.”Old Uncle” gem Gem’s “Wolf disco” second creation Sun Honglei version, garnered more than 7.16 million views on station B, and was reposted by multiple Weibo big Vs including Sun Honglei.UP host “Dong Runqi” self-made Sun Honglei version “Wild wolf disco”.Many of the seemingly “offensive” clips created by the “Maintaining Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Chorus” in the music area of Station B have received very enthusiastic feedback from Station B.”Zhang Shichao, where did you put my house key”, “Feeling your body hollowed out”, “Spring Festival self-help guide” and other music video playback volume exceeded one million.”There are a lot of UP masters who really like music at Station B. From the beginning, they simply ‘played’ music and aimed at playing the steel ruler. Until now, various music forms have appeared, which in turn affects the mainstream music market.Xu Shiyu, Director of Operations of Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Chorus, said.UP’s “Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Choir” sang “Spring Festival Self-help Guide”.In order to give full play to its own potential and help the music lovers realize their dreams.Recently, Station B continued to refill the music field in the form of “bilibili Music Star Program” and “Music UP Master Training Program”.It is understood that in order to better help the newcomer music UP master “cold start”, the “bilibili Music Star Program” will provide more than 10 billion US dollars of special exposure traffic support, so that the newcomer UP master’s high-quality manuscripts will be exposed and completed in a short timeFan accumulation.At the same time, the B station will invest more than one million special bonuses to support the participating music UP masters.In response to the entry of the “bilibili Music Star Program”, certified music UP masters, station B will arrange a person to answer the questions of the UP master’s daily operations one-on-one and provide operational suggestions.The “Music UP Master Training Program” will use 4 weeks and 6 courses to provide new music UP masters with multiple music video introduction guide courses including “video production, equipment purchase, creative planning, song adaptation”.Well-known musician and singer Hu Haiquan will personally guide how to quickly adapt songs and other techniques.The UP host who entered through the bilibili music star plan will have the opportunity to cooperate deeply with station B.For example, station B has teamed up with well-known music producer Zhang Yadong and music zone UP master ilem to jointly create a VOCALOID + vocal two-disc original album “2: 3”, in which the VOCALOID song “Gooking and Swearing” released a few days before the number of broadcasts broke millionsAt present, the broadcast volume exceeds 3.87 million.UP’s “ilem” VOCALOID song “Hook and Swear”.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Shihui

10 things to do in Beijing around building an international music capital

10 things to do in Beijing around building an “international music capital”
On December 13, the 7th China International Music Industry Conference officially opened in Beijing.It is reported that in order to vigorously promote the prosperity and development of Beijing’s music industry and the construction of a national cultural center, Beijing will soon officially issue the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Prosperity and Development of Beijing’s Music Industry” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Opinions”).At the scene of the China International Music Industry Conference, Zheng Junbin, Director of the Publication Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, made a live announcement and related introduction of the upcoming policies.Zheng Junbin, Director of the Publication Department of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, issued opinions on the implementation of Beijing’s music industry.Strive to achieve an annual output value of more than 120 billion US dollars in the music industry in 2025. As a national music creation, editorial production, publishing and distribution, performance exchange, copyright transaction, technological innovation and consumer experience center, Beijing has gathered music companies, talents, technology, scientific research, education, etc.National high-quality resources are highly related to various cultural industries such as publishing, broadcasting, film and television, game animation, musical instrument sound, performing arts entertainment, etc., basically formed by music performance, digital music, education and training, copyright brokerage, film and television animation, musical instrument industryIndustrial structure layout.According to Zheng Junbin, Director of the Publication Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee ‘s Propaganda Department, the “Implementation Opinions” clearly states that the “One Core, One City, Three Belts and Two Zones” will be built in accordance with the overall framework of the National Cultural Center, centering on the National Political Center, Cultural Center and International Communication Center, The capital city’s functional positioning of the science and technology innovation center, with music originality, technological innovation, talent training, and performing arts consumption as the starting point, give full play to the advantages of Beijing’s music industry resource agglomeration, adhere to the innovation drive, optimize the industrial environment, improve the music industry system, and promote musicThe development of industrial superiority strives to achieve an annual output value of over 120 billion in Beijing’s music and related industries by 2025.Improve the time limit for review and approval, establish a special sub-fund for industrial development. According to the introduction, Beijing will focus on breakthroughs in four aspects of original content, technological innovation, brand festivals, and cultural concepts in the future, improve the music industry system, and gradually achieve reasonable layout and competition.The influence, innovation and guidance have been significantly enhanced, the penetration and radiation fields are extensive, and the new stage of the development of the music industry with strong cultural alternation will focus on the overall goal of the “international music capital” and the global center of Chinese music.Promote the construction of demonstration industrial parks, encourage excellent original music works, accelerate the development of the digital music industry, promote the integration of music technology and innovation, strengthen the music industry copyright services, prosper the music performance industry market, build urban music culture transformation, support the music industry talent training, and expand the industryTen key tasks of international exchanges and cooperation, vigorously promote the prosperity and development of the music industry.In addition, under the framework of the city ‘s leading group for promoting the construction of a national cultural center, the Beijing municipal authorities established a municipal music industry joint meeting system to strengthen overall coordination and promote the introduction of special reorganizations in key areas where conditions permit.Promoting joint efforts; optimizing music production, performance project approval processing, continuing to deepen the “release management” reform, expanding the time limit for approval approval; increasing financial support, setting up a special sub-fund for music industry development in the Beijing Cultural Development Fund, giving priority support to quality projects, And rely on the Beijing cultural investment and financing service system to provide financial investment services for key music companies; provide talent protection, support key music companies to enjoy green channels for talent conversion, and senior talents can enjoy preferential settlement, residence certificate processing and other benefits in accordance with relevant regulationsPolicies, and enjoy work and life security including entrepreneurship, finance, residence, medical care, child education and other aspects.Sauna, Night Net Editor Yang Chang Tong Na proofreading Zhai Yongjun

The log of the epidemic disease · Food-March 10

The log of the “epidemic disease” · Food-March 10
[Resume]100% of Yihai Kerry ‘s more than 50 grain and oil companies have resumed work. Yihai Kerry Jinlongyu Cereals, Oils and Foods Co., Ltd. has distributed more than 50 grain and oil production companies in 23 provinces across the country, and the resumption rate has reached 100%.Meituan data shows that the catering resumption rate is over 55%. According to incomplete statistics from Meituan big data, the catering merchant resumption rate in the country has exceeded 55%.With the resumption of work, the demand for takeaways has increased, and catering companies are gradually recovering.[Support]Mengniu ‘s 1 billion interest-free funds are delivered to the cooperative ranch. In order to support the cooperative ranch to overcome difficulties, the Mengniu Group urgently allocated 1 billion special funds and plans to release 3 billion interest-free funds from March to May.At present, the one billion yuan of special funds have been fully restored to the cooperative pasture on March 6, which can help the pasture to expand the purchase period of forage feed and reduce the procurement cost, etc.The cash flow of the reserve is stable.[Industry]The National Sugar and Liquor Club Cloud Platform was launched at the end of March. The National Sugar and Liquor Club Organizing Committee stated that the current domestic epidemic prevention and control measures continued to improve.The transaction matching applet was launched at the end of March to take advantage of the data accumulated by the Sugar and Wine Fair to provide value-added services for exhibitors.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Huan editor Li Yan proofreading Li Shihui

The barrage is the back feed of Life, station B will release more than 20 documentaries

The barrage is the back feed of “Life”, station B will release more than 20 documentaries
Sauna Night News November 7, hosted by Bili Bili (hereinafter referred to as Station B).”Analysis of the development of new media discs and the academic symposium of series of discs” A String of Life “in Beijing Antiques.Yi Kai, deputy secretary-general of the China Television Arts Committee of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, believes that “life is a concept that is particularly easy to fail, but” Life Strings “has set its sights on this real moment and let the whole film fall.”Still Life” stills.The picture comes from the official microblog “Life String” diversity director, producer, and writer Zhang Yueming said when reporting to work, “Chinese grilled skewers give me a warm feeling, whenever you feel lonely and need comfortWe will feel the need for it.So to a certain extent, it is our luck to choose barbecue as a substitute for documentary. The life experience and wisdom of barbecue chefs have caused the creative passion of everyone in our team.”General Liu Xiaoli, former chairman of the documentary academic committee of the China Television Association, thinks,” The biggest feature of “Life is a series” is the grounded atmosphere, which is close to the original ecology of the people.I watched “Life String” and felt like a boss recommending something to me enthusiastically.Another embodiment of equality is commentary. I write commentaries for life. I think the commentary of “Life in a String” is concise and simple. There are no empty words and clichés. This is very difficult.Photo courtesy of the organizer.The barrage also adds too much color to “Life Strings”. Any Su Liu, deputy director of the Department of Journalism and Communication of China University of Communications and director of the China Records Research Center, believes that the success of Station B and “Life Strings” is inseparable, “I believe that the director’s team must also refer to the feedback from the first season barrage and use it in the production of the second season. “The barrage has become a substitute for the content production of the nurturing creators, achieving a deeper integration.He Suliu also believes that the barrage provides the concept of “field”, “In fact, the barrage tells you that you are not alone, you are not the lonely one, there are many people here who have the same valuation as you,Same lifestyle.Everyone completed the carnival and healing of mutual recognition in “A String of Life”. The next morning, they regained their spirits and began to face life again.And this is the unrepeatable ability of station B. “According to Zhu Xianliang, the senior consultant of the documentary of Station B, the master planner of “Life Series”, the original subsidiary documentary content of Station B will be deeply cultivated in the human society, youth topics, history and culture.”Life is like boiling”, “Datang Emperor’s Mausoleum”, “University Gourmet Illustrated Book” and more than 20 albums.”From the perspective of Station B, our goal is to become the best new media production platform for record films in China.Cultivate talents for the documentary industry and provide more excellent documentary content for the audience. “Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Guo Li

Municipal Football Association summarizes the work of judges in 2019, the handover of new and old referees is in progress

Municipal Football Association summarizes the work of judges in 2019, the handover of new and old referees is in progress
This afternoon, the Beijing Football Association’s 2019 summary of the work of the Referee Committee at the beginning of the year.The Beijing Football Association has contributed 8 outstanding referees for football referees, lifetime achievement awards, “hard work” awards, outstanding newcomers, outstanding women referees, outstanding men referees, excellent referee supervision, and excellent referee lecturers.A total of 59 referees won the proposal.The Beijing Football Association Emerging 2019 Judge Committee Work Summary Meeting.Beijing Football Association’s training for graphic judges: The baton is a member of the winners of the outstanding contributors, and has gradually won the AFC Referee Memorial Award. Huo Weiming, the best judge of the Chinese Super League, has reached the “retirement age” of international referees.He started his refereeing career at the Beijing Football Association in 1997. He was on the refereeing stage of the Super League refereeing in 2005. He was ranked as an international referee in 2008.I take it seriously.In the past 20 years, I have enforced more than 700 games in law enforcement.Now is also the time for us to hand over the baton to get more young referees on stage.”The former international assistant judge Huo Weiming (right) donated the signature ball of the 2019 Asian Cup finals to the Beijing Football Association Disciplinary Committee.The training of young judges and grassroots judges provided by the Beijing Football Association is indeed in progress.In 2019, the Beijing Football Association expects that all types of registered referees will exceed 2,000 for the first time, including 42 referee technical lecturers, 3 physical lecturers, 58 referee supervisors, and more than 2,600 active referees.The continuous increase in the number of referees has also helped the Municipal Football Association to successfully complete the task of selecting referees for more than 7,000 games in 17 events last year.In addition, the City Football Association also completed the Chinese Football Association’s additional reserve league last year, 48 games, 144 referees selected, 47 games in each category of the Super League, 141 referees selected, the young referees received full training opportunities.The referee of the Beijing Football Association awarded Cui Baoyin (second from left) and Su Deli (second from right) a lifetime achievement award.Photo courtesy of Beijing Football Association Professional field: too much performance on high-level professional field, Beijing referees also performed well: Fu Ming, Huo Weiming enforced the UAE Asian Cup, Qatar World Cup qualifiers and 2019 AFC Champions League, Fu Ming alsoParticipated in the FIFA U20 World Cup and the FIFA World Club Cup as an assistant referee in the AFC video; Enron enforced the final of the AFC indoor five-person club championship for two consecutive years;Bronze whistle; Enron won the silver whistle in the 2019 five-man Super League; Cong Jia won the gold whistle in the 2019 five-man First Division.Sun Baojie, director of the Chinese Football Association Disciplinary Committee and technical director of the Beijing Football Association Disciplinary Committee, looks forward to the referees’ better performance in the future.Photo courtesy of the Beijing Football Association Duan Mingyang, the refereeing manager of the Chinese Football Association, said: “Beijing football referees are active in many international competitions and events organized by the Chinese Football Association. Beijing has provided important guidance for the national referee training.support.Sun Baojie, Director of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association and Technical Director of the Disciplinary Committee of the Beijing Football Association, said: “The work of the Beijing Football Association Disciplinary Committee in 2019 has three new features-a new look, and there are very big changes in the work; there are characteristics, Perfect organization system, sound training system, timely budget replenishment, recognized spirit inheritance; excellent tasks, large amount of referee tasks, but high completion quality.At present, the party and the country attach great importance to football work, providing everyone with an opportunity to show their talents, and hope that the majority of referees will join the fiery football field and contribute to the development of football.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Liu Jun