Online pharmacy’s annual super-growth growth of nearly 40% in 2019

Online pharmacy’s annual super-growth growth of nearly 40% in 2019
On May 24, Minet official WeChat released the “Analysis of Drug Use in Online Pharmacies in Three Major Terminals and Six Major Markets” (hereinafter referred to as “Analysis”). According to the data, in 2019, Chinese online pharmacies (including pharmaceuticals and non-drugs) drugs were$ 125.1 billion, an annual increase of 38.2%, exceeding the 100 billion yuan mark for the first time.However, compared with the previous years, the growth rate has increased.In 2019, the legal value of Chinese physical pharmacies and online pharmacies was US $ 662 billion, an increase of 8 year by year.4%.Among them, the level of online pharmacies was 125.1 billion yuan, accounting for 18%.9%, the proportion was only 1 in 2013.2%; physical pharmacies were originally 536.9 billion, accounting for 81%.1% for the year before 2018 4.1%.In 2019, the initial online pharmacy’s medicines were 13.8 billion US dollars, accounting for the overall online pharmacies.03%.Although it only accounts for 0% of the national pharmaceutical market.8%, but the annual growth rate is 40%, and the compound growth rate is 60 in seven years.6%.The proportion of drug prescriptions in physical pharmacies reached 75.6%, an increase of 2 from 2018.1%, mainly due to the impact of medical insurance policies, national centralized procurement and prescription outflows, the proportion of medicines continued to increase.With the implementation of a series of laws and outlines, the domestic pharmaceutical distribution industry has developed rapidly.The Council’s “Opinions on Promoting the Development of” Internet + Health Care “” issued by the Council in 2018 proposed that for common diseases and chronic diseases prescribed online, medical institutions and drug distributors may entrust third parties to review the conditions after review by physiciansInstitutional distribution; explore the interconnection and interconnection of prescription information and drug retail consumption information of medical and health institutions, real-time sharing, and promote the standardized development of drug network sales and medical logistics distribution.”Analysis” pointed out that this brings new opportunities to the off-hospital pharmaceutical market, especially the e-commerce platform with mature online sales technology.As early as 5 years ago, it has been predicted that if the final prescription drugs can be released from online sales, it will be able to leverage about 10% of the existing hospital drug market and gradually reach 100 billion US dollars. This amount is expected to be further increased in the future.Proofreading by Yang Xuli

11 people beat 10 people and still lack of skills, the Olympics lost to North Korea 0 to 1

11 people beat 10 people and still lack of skills, the Olympics lost to North Korea 0 to 1
The Chinese Olympic team has a superior number but lacks skills, losing to the Korean team 0 to 1.Figure / Sports In the Chongqing Dazu Four Nations game tonight, the Chinese Olympics still broke the goal under the favorable conditions of playing one more person in the second half, and eventually lost to the North Korean team 0 to 1, with a record of 1 win 2The third place in the four countries.In the warm-up match held in early September, China’s Olympic Games once tied 1-1 with its opponents.At that time, the coach was still Hiddink. More than two months later, Hao Wei took office, and the slenderness of the Olympic Games also changed.Lin Liangming, who had a perfect countdown in that game, was not in the current Olympic team.The National Olympic Air Force lost to Australia 1 to 5 and beat Lithuania 1 to 0.In this campaign, Zhang Yuning, Chen Binbin, Yang Liyu, Duan Liuyu and other club main players left the team ahead of time to prepare for the Super League this weekend. The first two games of the Olympic Games’ starting score have changed.In the first game against Victoria, the Olympic Games had two pass errors in the backcourt resulting in a goal.This scene still makes mistakes against North Korea and the National Olympics, but the mistake is in the opponent’s half.In the first minute of stoppage time in the first half, the Olympic Games counterattacked by the opponent in the frontcourt, Jin Guozhen assisted Jin Guanghe to break the goal.In this game, the two sides confronted fiercely, and many people were yellow.At the beginning of the second half, North Korean player Li Zhonggui got a second yellow card and was sent off.However, in a period of up to 45 minutes, the national Olympics with one more player still lacked skills. Instead, the opponents played more and more free, threatening the national Olympics goal many times.0 to 1 lost to North Korea, the National Olympics ended the four-nation game with a record of 1 win and 2 losses.From December 8 to 14, the National Olympics participated in the Zhuhai Four Nations competition.According to reporters, the opponents of the Olympic Games in this event are likely to be Russia, Syria and Mexico.After the tests of the Zhuhai Four Nations Championship, the Olympic Games will gradually be confirmed in the U23 Asian Cup next January.

Sports Morning News: Kane’s left leg ligament torn, Navas welcomes 500 games baseline

Sports Morning News: Kane’s left leg ligament torn, Navas welcomes 500 games baseline
Tottenham announced Kane’s injury.Figure / club official micro[injury]Kane’s left leg ligament torn in the early hours of Beijing time, Tottenham officially announced the injury of the leading striker Kane: the left leg ligament is torn, there is no specific recovery timetable.According to foreign media forecasts, Kane will rest for 4 to 6 weeks.Subsequently, Kane said on personal social media: “Look up!”Tough days will not last, but strong people will always be strong.[La Liga]Navas vs. 500 games. In the La Liga match against Athletic Bilbao this morning, Captain Jesus Navas ushered in his 500th runway in Seville.Before the game, he and his family showed the “Navas 500” jersey.In this game, Athletic Bilbao scored a goal in the first 15 minutes, and they gave their opponent a goal in the 60th minute, and the two sides eventually drew 1-1.【CBA】 Beijing’s 26 turnovers made a high record. Beibei’s men’s basketball team lost to the Shenzhen team 75 to 106 in the second half of the regular season last night. They lost for the third time this season with a five-game winning streak, creating a new season-high 26 turnoversBecome the initial cause of the game distortion.For the single quarter score of 9:35 in the third quarter, coach Marbury believes that “the player is not ready.”

[How to make tea with grapefruit peel]_How to make_How to make

[How to make tea with grapefruit peel]_How to make_How to make

Every time it ‘s cold, we often see grapefruits in the supermarket. Now there are many varieties of grapefruit, such as red heart grapefruit or white heart grapefruit. The sweetness of the grapefruit is not important. The key is whether the grapefruit is ripe and what it is.The same kind of grapefruit, in addition to eating the flesh, don’t waste the thick skin peeled from the outside. You can learn to make these foods.

Method one material: one whole grapefruit, rock sugar, honey.

Practice 1.

Be sure to clean the grapefruit skin, then scrape off the grapefruit skin, only the yellow skin.


Soaking the scraped grapefruit skin in warm salt water can be rubbed and washed several times to remove some bitterness.

The grapefruit flesh is separated and can be crushed with a cooking machine or crushed by hand to get rid of the flesh.


Cut the treated grapefruit skin into filaments, which should be very fine.

Put the yuzu meat and the yuzu skin filaments into an oil-free skillet, add rock sugar and a bowl of water to boil the sugar on a high heat, and then simmer for about an hour.

Until sticky.


Cook well and let cool. Add honey and mix well when it is 50 or 60 degrees.

Just drink it with warm water while eating.

The taste is fresh and not so bitter.

Practice two materials grapefruit one, rock sugar 300G.

Method 1: Rinse the grapefruit with water, rub it with salt, and then blanch the grapefruit with hot water so that it can be easily peeled and cut into pieces.

2. Peel grapefruit, seeds and white skins.

3, put the rock sugar, add water in the pot, heat and melt.

4. Put the prepared grapefruit skin into the pot.

5, then put the grapefruit meat, continue to heat, you will find the color becomes darker.

6, when the water is almost collected, turn to a small fire.

7, boil until it is completely discolored, rise, cool.

8. Wait for the grapefruit tea to cool completely. Add an appropriate amount of honey and mix well.

9, packed in a sealed can, whenever you want to drink, ice shake is more delicious.

Tip: Rock sugar is best used.

[How to make red date Chinese porridge?The authentic approach is this!】 _Family Practice_Production Method

銆 愮 儿 鏋 eNorthern Drilling Broadcast Pickaxe 庝 箞 Fan Pan 姝 e 畻 鎭 桶 鏄 Umbrella 镙 紙 紒 銆 慱 瀺 跺 貺 Father’s 氭 璶 _ 鍒 多 綔 珂 Regularity
浜虹殑蹇冭绠′細鍑虹幇澶氱鐤剧梾锛屼紬鎵€鍛ㄧ煡锛岃繖浜涘績琛€绠$柧鐥呭嵄瀹虫€ч兘寰堝ぇ锛屾墍浠ユ渶濂界殑鍋氭硶灏辨槸棰勯槻锛屼粖澶╂帹鑽愬ぇ瀹跺鍚冨北鑽紝灞辫嵂鍑犱箮涓嶅惈鏈夎剛鑲紝鑳藉棰勯槻鑴傝偑鍦ㄥ績琛€绠$郴缁熸矇娣€锛屾墍浠ュ悆灞辫嵂鑳藉鏈夋晥棰勯槻蹇冭绠$柧鐥咃紝鍥犳鎺ㄨ崘绾㈡灒灞辫嵂绮ヨ繖閬撶編椋燂紝璇︾粏鍋氭硶姝ラ濡備笅銆?Quilting  労 但 丸 北 钻 Children 揋 g 撌 钖 堢 播 鏉 愭 枡 锏 邏 邎 Qian?5g: North Diamond?00g: What is it?5g: Asahi Aya?5g: Child?Juan?Moguieba braided aspire Rou ㄧ Xiaobenanlv Lianjiechonguu  Fu 2 Mohuoxiaowan (ii) Qianbenyennan Lingchourenfei  Beilujunuan Pincuohenping?0 闒 嗛 挓 Ad?銆佸皢鎵€鏈夌殑鏉愭枡閮芥斁杩涢珮鍘嬮攨閲岀叜锛?5 What is the problem? How can I study it?Quilting  銆 丆 丸 北 钻 Children’s play broadcast 鏉 愭 枡 擡 繡 繡 氱 Bo Ling?00 鍏 嬶 閖 咖 傕 背 75 鍏 嬶 喴 橮 呡 擮 擡 擮 擡 擮 擡 擮 渡?骞?50 鍏 嬶 麴 鑴 歌 困 25 鍏 嬶 麴 鏋 o 雞 诧 語 级 10 鍏 嬶 璴 璩 垡 氡 氱 槠 韠 傜 硸 20 协 嫔 娉 尉?.绯背銆佽枏浠佸垎鍒窐娲楀共鍑€锛岀敤鍐锋按娴告场3灏忔椂锛屾崬鍑猴紝娌ュ共姘村垎锛?.Drilling Songs, Drilling, and Drilling in North China,  咓 凄 庲 咲 咀 咀 华 华 鍒  咳 釴 焮 蒙 緂 3.绾㈡灒鍘绘牳锛屾礂鍑€澶囩敤锛?.In the dynasty, the dynasty dynasty, the dynasty, the dynasty, the dynasty, the dynasty, the dynasty, the dynasty, the dynasty, and the feng dynasty.ワ 绂 友 d 鬅 鍏 哨 鍐 咃 纴 き  琬 鐏  啲 镦  垚 绮 ワ 绂 6.Huan Chao Zhao Ling, Jiang Jiangong, who admits that her mother is so beautiful, that she is braided, that she is braided, that she is so beautiful, that she is 20, and that what is it?.灏嗚嵏鑽犵矇鍜岀櫧绯栧叆閿呮悈鍖€锛屽嵆鍙洓璧烽鐢ㄣ€? 北 餋 Children who lived in the dynasty, broadcasted the weak sorrows, and laid hands on the dysfunction of the dynasty.孩鏋c€佺朝绫虫礂鍑€鍔犳按涓€鍚屾斁鍏ラ珮鍘嬮攨锛岄珮鍘嬪崄鍒嗛挓銆?銆佸緟楂樺帇娌℃皵锛屾墦寮€鐩栧瓙銆?銆佸紑鐏姞閫傞噺绯栫啲鑷崇硸铻嶅寲鍗冲彲銆傜鍥涖€佸北鑽枏绫崇孩鏋g播 鏉愭枡涓绘枡锛氳枏绫?00 鍏 嬶 璋 軤 荤 背 100 鍏 嬶 灴 灞 繞 嵂 200 鍏 嬶 纴 單 枡 氭 灒 〒Together?5 What are you talking about?0 鬏 嬴 铴 哝 幝 湝 15 鍏 嫔 仛 娉?.灏嗗ぇ绫宠枏绫炽€佺孩鏋e垎鍒礂鍑€锛?.鈶 х 鐢 鐢 ユ 諢 訊 告 場 30 鍒 嗗 垎 阍 燂 璖 咕 哕 関 ユ ユ ユ ユ ユ ユ ウ ウ ウ ウ ウ ウ ウ ユ ウ ウ ウ ユ ウ ユ).闀垮北鑽礂鍑€锛屽幓鐨紝鍒囨垚闀挎粴鍒€鍧楋紱4。閿呯疆鐏笂锛屾斁鍏ユ竻姘翠笌澶х背銆佽枏绫炽€佷腑鐏叜寮€鍚庯紝鏀瑰皬鐏叜鑷抽粡绋狅紱5.How to do it in the north?  鍜 岜 岜 咋 庴 啡  叜 20 鍒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 彸 ad?.鎶婂啺绯栨斁鍏ョ叜濂界殑绮ヤ腑锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛岀◢鍑夊悗鍐嶆祰鍏ヨ渹铚滃嵆鍙€?

[Can wolfberry buds be eaten]_Can you eat them_Can you eat them

[Can wolfberry buds be eaten]_Can you eat them_Can you eat them

Everyone should find this kind of medlar at home or in the supermarket. Because medlar is a common nourishing medicine, its price is relatively cheap, so it is welcomed by many people.

And when eating wolfberry, it is generally the fruit of wolfberry. In fact, wolfberry is a plant with treasures all over the body.

In particular, the buds that just came out when wolfberry grows are also used by many people to make tea, but some people still have doubts about whether the wolfberry bud can be eaten?

The wolfberry sprouts are prepared according to different processes, including cold dressing, stir-fry and soup.

Some other ingredients can be added during the production process to achieve rich color and taste.

Nutritional scientists tested wolfberry buds and found that energy contained 832 kilojoules and 40 proteins per 100 grams.

78 grams, aunt 2.

686 grams, carbohydrates 2.

796 grams, precipitated fibers 9.

8888 grams, thiamine 0.

266 mg, riboflavin 0.

0828 mg, 0 ascorbic acid.

0146 mg, vitamin E2.

99 mg, potassium 10.

4 mg, sodium 10 mg, calcium 1300 mg, magnesium 4.

35 mg, iron 36 mg, zinc 12.

4 mg, phosphorus 498 mg, selenium 0.

14 micrograms, amino acid molecular weight 0.

43 grams, also contains polyphenols, bio-brass and other ingredients, testing showed that wolfberry buds contained vitamin B50 per gram.

3312 mg, vitamin B11 0.

0115 mg, catechin (C) 1.

39 mg, epicatechin (EC) 9.

16 mg, gallocatechin (GC) 0.

99 mg, epigallocatechin (EGC) 18.

34 mg, catechin gallate (CG) 0.

11 mg, epicatechin gallate (ECG) 6.

36 mg, gallocatechin gallate (GCG) 0.

47 mg, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) 33.

82 mg, total flavonoids 24.

911 mg.

About one week before and after the production of Qingming Festival, picking the wolfberry bud tips 3cm-4cm, after selecting-washing-killing greens / stir-fry-seasoning and other processes, carrots can be added in the process to enrich the taste and nutrition of the dishes.

Cold wolfberry buds: 500g wolfberry buds, washed with boiling water and cooked, chopped, add sesame oil, raw soy sauce, vinegar, moderate, eat cold.

Clear heat and quench thirst.

Stir-fried wolfberry buds: 250g wolfberry buds and 100g cabbage. Wash the wolfberry buds and cabbage, cut into sections, heat the pot with a suitable amount of vegetable oil, stir-fry the onions and ginger, and then stir-fry the wolfberry buds and cabbage.Add salt and other condiments in moderation.

Clearing heat and declaring the lungs, moistening the bowels and purging.

The main effect of Chinese medicine is that wolfberry buds are slightly bitter, cool in nature, enter the liver, spleen, and kidney meridian, and have the effects of tonifying and replenishing essence, clearing heat and expelling wind, nourishing the liver and eyesight, and promoting thirst and thirst.Or liver pain caused by fatigue, low back pain, night blindness, red eyes, astringent pain, fever, irritability, heat soreness and so on.

[1]Chinese wolfberry sprouts have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It treats red eyes, redness, irritability, sores of the tongue, long and dense acne, yellow tongue coating, constipation and other symptoms caused by heat poisoning.

In “A Dream of Red Mansions”, it is written that Xue Baodi likes to eat “fried wolfberry buds with oil and salt”, which is also a beauty dish for girls in Grand View Garden.

[Can you eat burgers in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat burgers in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

Hamburger is a kind of fast food that is often eaten in life. The main advantage is that it tastes good, is convenient and fast, and is very easy to carry. Usually when you get in the car or rush to work, you can eat it anytime on the road.Affects the welcome of many young people and children nowadays, and many pregnant women after pregnancy also like to eat, then can they eat hamburgers in the early pregnancy?

Burgers are a common food in our lives. Burgers are very popular because of their good taste. However, the transformation of burgers is very high. Although the burgers have high changes, the nutritional value is not particularly high. Women are pregnant during pregnancy.It is best to eat less hamburger. After eating the burger, it is easy for some people to feel full, and it is easy to gain weight. It is best for pregnant women to light and nutritious things.

Speaking of burgers, I have to mention the burger embryo, which is the bread outside the burger.

This kind of bread is mostly baked with refined white flour. Its taste is very good, but the b vitamins will be lost during the production process, and many trace elements will be lost during the production process.This kind of burger embryo is strictly the simplest additive in the strict sense, and its nutritional value is relatively low, so pregnant women friends try not to eat burgers.

After eating hamburgers, the body secretes a large amount of insulin in a short period of time, which can suppress blood sugar levels, but blood sugar levels will decrease over time, which will cause certain damage to the body for a long time.

The inner layer of burger is often meat, and this kind of meat is mostly fried food. Its main component is saturated fatty acids, which is also difficult to digest.

Female friends must pay attention to supplementary nutrition during pregnancy. Many pregnant women often have poor appetite during pregnancy. At this time, it is very important to eat some delicate and nutritious food. Therefore, eat less high-volume food such as hamburger if possible.It’s better not to eat.

From the above, women who are not in the early stages of pregnancy with an acute attack cannot eat hamburgers. Burgers are high-conversion foods with extremely low nutritional content and are more difficult to digest.

Pregnant women’s appetite during pregnancy is often very bad. In this situation, you can drink more light soup or eat other high-nutrition foods. Foods such as grains are also very suitable for pregnant women.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

Common symptoms: anorexia, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, bloating 1: easy fatigue In the early stages of pregnancy, many women feel tired, lack energy and want to sleep.

However, this period will not be too long and will soon pass.

Generally speaking, women who have enough sexual life do not have a tide before the menstrual cycle for one week. They should go to the hospital to check their urine and check whether they are pregnant.

2: Appetite changes Some women experience appetite metastasis first when the menstrual period is short (1-2 weeks).

I usually do n’t like food at the moment.

I have no appetites for the food I tasted before.

Some people simply don’t want to eat or even vomit, and some people really want to eat something sour.

Usually after half a month to a month, the symptoms in this regard will disappear naturally.

[How to eat chicken feather dishes]_Chicken dishes_How to make_Practice Daquan

銆愰浮姣涜彍鎬庝箞鍋氬ソ鍚冦€慱 楦℃瘺鑿淿濡備綍鍋歘鍋氭硶澶у叏
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[How to make rice noodles easy to eat and easy]_How to make_Making method

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[Children’s Runfei Decoction]_Recipe_Recipe

[Children’s Runfei Decoction]_Recipe_Recipe

If parents find that their babies have sores on their tongues, and they often have eye waste, they must speculate whether their babies are getting angry.

Most of the time the baby gets angry is caused by a strong lung, so if you want to treat the fire, it is enough to light the lung first.

But taking medicine regularly is bad for your child’s body, so are there some decoctions about children’s lungs?

Recommended Qingfei Decoction: Houttuynia cordata and pork lung Recommended reason: This soup can help your baby clear heat, reduce phlegm, and relieve cough.

Materials: 30 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 250 grams of pork lungs, 1/4 Lo Han Guo.

Method: 1. Wash the Houttuynia cordata first, rinse the pig’s lungs and cut into pieces. (If you find it difficult to clean the pig’s lungs, you can wash the pig’s lungs with water, then put them into a pot with water to open quickly.Remove the pig’s lungs when the water is boiling, and remove the dirt on both sides of the pig’s lungs.

) Then stir thoroughly in an iron pan and strain dry in rinsing water.

2. Put the ingredients from step 1 into the pot, pour an appropriate amount of water, boil the huohuo for 2 hours, and cook for 2-3 bowls.

3, season with a small amount of salt, you can add 2-3 times.

Nutrition Tips: Houttuynia cordata can clear heat and detoxify, diuretic and swell, cure pneumonia, have anti-pathogenic microorganism effect, and help your baby strengthen the immune system.

Pig lung contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, which can be used to treat lung deficiency cough, chronic cough and hemoptysis.

Luo Han Guo has the effects of moistening lungs and relieving cough, replenishing and quenching thirst, and is suitable for lung heat or dry cough, whooping cough, and summer heat injury and thirst. At the same time, Luo Han Guo also has the function of intestinal laxative.

Recommended Qingfei Decoction: Sydney Pot Chuanbei Recommended Reason: Sydney Pot Chuanbei has the effects of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs and reducing phlegm.

Materials: 2 Sydneys, 6 grams of Chuanbei.

Practices: 1. Peel and heart the Sydney and cut into a bite-sized piece.

2. Shred the Chuanbei, put it in the pot with Sydney, and add an appropriate amount of water.

3. Cook in a simmering pot for 1 hour and serve a bowl for the child.

If you are a baby, you can eat Chuanbei. If you are a baby, just drink soup.

Nutrition Tips: This soup tastes sweet and sweet, I believe the baby will not refuse.

The sweet taste comes from Sydney.

Sydney has the effects of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, which can make children’s throats feel refreshing and comfortable, and it is indispensable to moisturize them in autumn and winter.

If you eat cold fruits in winter, this Sydney Chuanbei Soup is a good way to eat Sydney.

Chuanbei is a commonly used Chinese medicine. Its traditional functions are to nourish the lungs, relieve cough, and reduce phlegm, which can help clear the lungs. If your baby has a few coughs, this soup is a good choice.

Recommended Qingfei Decoction: Black Fungus and Red Jujube Lean Meat Recommended reason: This soup has the effect of clearing the lungs and nourishing qi.

Materials: 30 grams of black fungus, 20 grams of jujube (dried), 350 grams of pork, moderate salt, 3 slices of ginger, 1500 ml of water.

Practice: 1. Soak the black fungus, wash it, soak the red dates to remove the kernel, and wash it.

2. Wash the lean pork and shred it for future use.

3. First put black fungus and red dates in a clay pot, add 1500 ml of water (about 6 bowls of water), cook for 60 minutes, add lean pork and ginger, roll until cooked, and add an appropriate amount of salt instead.

Nutrition Tips: Black fungus can promote peristalsis in the body and prevent constipation. It is beneficial to the timely removal and discharge of toxic substances in the stool in the body, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and moistening the lungs and intestines.

Jujube can strengthen the spleen and qi, and at the same time can nourish the skin and let the baby eat a rosy complexion.

Lean pork also has the effect of nourishing the spleen and nourishing blood, and is beneficial to qi and blood.