Eat casserole, remember to use some coarse grains to supplement the nutritional loss.


Eat casserole, remember to use some coarse grains to supplement the nutritional loss.

Regardless of the advantages of the North and the South, China has a casserole.

Chicken, duck, fish, dried vegetables, soy products and Shanzhen seafood can be placed in the pot.

Because the casserole is a slow-heating pot, it has hot dishes, hot soup, light and delicious, and the juice is thick and not greasy. The end of the table is also rolling and fragrant, adding a warm affinity to the diners;And the casserole is a clay pottery product. The exquisite casserole is often also a beautiful art piece, so the casserole dish fully reflects the cultural connotation of China’s alternative color, fragrance, taste, shape and instrument.

銆€銆€The casserole is rich in ingredients, fresh meat, fresh seafood, bacteria, fruits and vegetables can be put into the pot, comprehensive nutrition, and its cooking method instead of oil, so many people regard the casserole as the safest and delicious alternative.

But in fact, you should pay attention to the caviar when you eat it, otherwise it will not achieve the effect of safe nutrition.

銆€銆€This is because the common casserole we use is mainly clay, which is made of feldspar and quartz. It is fired at a high temperature and has a unique flavor.

However, the use of casserole stewed starch, due to excessive heating time, protein degradation of animal food raw materials, water decomposition ability is reduced, a large amount of gel liquid precipitated, making it increase, eating bad taste, is not conducive to human digestion and absorption.

銆€銆€Moreover, the average loss rate of the nutrients in the raw materials is higher in the grain size of the casserole stew, especially in the inorganic and vegetable materials, the inorganic salt calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine and the like have higher loss rate, and the average loss of vitamin B1 and B2.The rate is as high as 89%, and the loss rate of vitamin C is 100%.

銆€銆€Therefore, when eating, you need to mix some coarse grains and fresh vegetables to make up for the loss of such nutrients.

In addition, a part of the casserole stew is difficult to escape due to the strict sealing. Some valeric acid, valeraldehyde and low fatty acids are also present in the raw materials and the broth.Harmful substances in the human body.

In addition, casseroles are ceramic products, most of which are sintered by glaze. Among them, lead, rare earth and other harmful substances will be resolved by repeated heating. Inorganic salts such as feldspar and quartz will also overflow. For long-term consumption, it will increase heavy metals in the body.The amount of deposition, some lead excess is easy to cause dental caries, etc., is good for health, so the casserole should not be eaten often.

From the details to the health, a growth life


From the details to the health, a growth life

How to live a healthy life and make the world healthier with us is the path that the Lohas are looking for.

The strength of each of us is very small, but as long as we start from the little things around us, we will make the world better with us.

銆€銆€From the water we drink every day, to the food we eat, the tableware we use, and then to the cleaning products we use to clean the dishes, there are many new options to make life healthier.


Telling the outsiders that they are not busy with their work and the pace of their lives, most people are working out almost three meals a day.

Think carefully, from breakfast to dinner, whether it is takeaway, packed or eaten in the restaurant, we indirectly manufacture and waste how much resources, at least three plastic bags a day, disposable tableware at least 2 groups, not to mentionTalking about packing plastic boxes, these are equivalent to cutting down more and more trees and making more and more plastic products that cannot be recycled.

All we can do is to minimize the number of overlaps on the outside. You can bring lunches at noon. Not only are you healthy and healthy, but also good for your diet. If you are eating outside, try to choose foods that are healthier, lighter, natural, and original.It is important to prepare to use the store, you can clean the used tableware, do not use disposable tableware, in order to prevent some of the disposable tableware provided by some stores, you can prepare a set of environmentally-friendly tableware for the occasional needs.


Stop eating toxins to eat three meals a day, but not necessarily healthy.

For a normal person, the best healthy diet is a balanced diet of milk, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits, grains, roots and oils.

Long-term big fish and big meat, excessive absorption of monsters and proteins lead to serious imbalance of nutrition, will reduce the body’s digestive function, resulting in the formation of toxins in the body.

Do not eat wild animals and too much meat, reduce the damage to animals, you can control the transfer of the intake.

More natural and less processing, try to choose natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables containing organic signs or from organic farms.

Do not eat refined processed foods, such as white rice, white bread, processed fruits and vegetables.

Reduce the purchase of synthetic products, chemical processed products, and semi-finished products.

Avoid coffee and strong tea, even in the summer, eat less iced and iced drinks.

At the same time, it is suitable for casting while diversifying food selection, with the principle of less salt, less oil and less sugar.


I don’t know when to start using electromagnetic waves as a side dish. We seem to have forgotten the concept of 鈥渞eplacement鈥?and 鈥渆at鈥?becomes a mechanical consumption of food.

The so-called disease from the mouth, not only the nutritional safety of food, the speed of eating, mood and thoughts, etc., will have a non-negligible impact on health.

Poor eating patterns always cause gastritis and enteritis, which can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Even when eating, there is no harassment of the mobile phone, constantly answering the phone and talking about work, bringing pressure and tension into time. Although people are eating, they are almost in a “battle” mode.

It is recommended to enjoy one hour in the afternoon, allow time to try not to bring a mobile phone, so that the mood is completely relaxed.

Put aside all the thoughts that are not related to diet, concentrate on the food, and then feel happy, eat and concentrate on eating.

Eating in this way, the human digestive system and metabolic absorption system are at their best, even a 10-minute working meal can be eaten very calmly.


Prevent all kinds of washing powder, dishwashing detergent and detergent in chronic poisoning homes, and become habitual consumption after a long time.

But look carefully at the ingredient description on the package. The English names of the series of chemical ingredients are actually toxic.

Strong acids, strong bases, surfactants and other irritating and corrosive ingredients extracted from petroleum can kill some bacteria, but they can cause damage to family members.

Reduce the use of detergents, do not use phosphorus-containing detergent.

Subtracting life, environmentally clean, is to learn from the wisdom of the past.

Switching to alternatives that are high in natural fractions and harmful to the human body and the environment to solve hygiene problems can also achieve the desired results without these terrible alternatives.

Can I use 60 掳C?
Soaking the quilt cover at around 70 掳C, disinfecting the pillowcase, washing the stove with baking soda and loofah, high-concentration vinegar to clean the bacteria and grease on the floor, instead of the natural botanical soap, can become a universal household.Clean your helper.


The killer disposables that no longer cut down trees make our lives more convenient. The convenience behind them means huge waste of resources and ubiquitous security risks.

You may not have thought that a pair of ordinary wooden chopsticks will cause bacterial infections, destroy our respiratory and digestive functions, and paper cups and paper towels may also contain harmful chemical components.

The first step in subtracting life is to reduce the use of disposables.

Prepare your own set of environmentally-friendly tableware, and do not use wooden chopsticks or plastic spoons in the restaurant when you go out.Put a mug in the office and use disposable cups and plastic cups.

Carry a kettle with you when you go out, and reduce the purchase of mineral water and carbonated drinks.

Use less paper towels, wipe your hands with a handkerchief, and wash it repeatedly.

At first, you may feel a little trouble. It is better to choose eco-friendly chopsticks with beautiful boxes, cute folding cups, beautiful and delicate handkerchiefs, and it will be fun to take them out.

銆€銆€Kitchen and restaurant finishing tips a.

War zone division barriers clearly establish four areas in the kitchen, preparation area, cooking area, eating area and cleaning area.

The preparation area should be close to the sink, and you need ample empty flow space for easy access to knives and cutting boards.

The cooking area is close to the oven or stove, making it easy to access pots and pans, cooking utensils and seasonings.

The eating area requires a refreshing space for easy access to cutlery, napkins, salt and pepper.

The cleaning area requires a location where you can wash and dry the dishes.

Place the items according to different work areas to make the kitchen more efficient.


Defend the “magic triangle” sink, the area formed between the refrigerator and the stove is the kitchen’s “magic triangle”, this area is the core area for food preparation, cleaning and serving, we can compare it to a militaryEssentially, the pots, spoons, food storage bags, daily dishes, etc. needed to prepare food every day need to be placed inside or at the edge of the triangle. Nothing other than these and the machine should be placed in this area.This will ensure the proper use of the kitchen space.


There is no such thing as “use it later”. Don’t hold the “keeping things, you can use them later”. Everything should be disposed of in time.

Keep things that are often used within easy reach, and other items are properly contained in the cabinet; the space for the countertops should be the area where the work is to be done, not the storage area, keeping the flat space clean and a cleanThe flow table can make the kitchen look very neat.


One month elimination game wants to know exactly what the kitchen needs and what it doesn’t need. In fact, it is very simple. Put all the things placed in the kitchen into a cardboard box. Just take a piece of kitchenware from the carton and receive it.In the voting, after a month or so, what remains in the carton can basically be considered lost.


Master the best fresh-keeping period, check the contents of the food cabinet every six months, and throw away the old and bad food every three months.

Place the newly purchased cans behind the original food to avoid food over the shelf life.

Similarly, when each piece of food is placed in the refrigerator, it is necessary to clearly start the frozen date and contents on it. If you can’t think of what is inside, then it is time to throw it away.

Summer trips should be guarded against 6 mosquito bites


Summer trips should be guarded against 6 mosquito bites

Too many people will take advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, and summer is the most active season for mosquitoes.

Therefore, you must do your homework to prevent mosquito bites before going out.

According to the British “Daily Mail” article, the response to mosquito bites is different and the response plan is different.



The wasp does not leave the bee sting in the human skin, and it can continue to stab.

After being shackled, people will have severe pain, bulging and swelling, cold compress can relieve symptoms, and can also take antihistamines, which can relieve itching and relieve.

Lips are swollen, breathing is difficult, and dizziness is a symptom of severe allergic reactions. Seek medical attention immediately.



After being stung by a bee, you can use a hard card such as a bank card to gently scrape the bee sting and the poisonous sac. The pain and swelling can be applied coldly.

Do not use vinegar or soda easily when the situation is unclear, otherwise the symptoms will be aggravated.

In the event of a severe allergic reaction, you must seek medical attention.



A flea usually bites 5 consecutively, leaving a red dragonfly.

The most common part is the lower part or the foot around, you can wash it with baking soda.

Some people have severe allergies and have papular urticaria. You must seek medical attention.



After being bitten by a mosquito, it takes a while to feel anal itching and a red envelope on the skin.

You can apply soap or wind oil to relieve swelling and itchy itch.

Some mosquitoes carry bacteria such as influenza.

Some germs have an incubation period of up to 14 days.

Therefore, mosquitoes and bites can be exceptionally recognized when traveling.



The horsefly is very painful, and it will appear in a few minutes with a big red envelope with itching.

You can use the hormone ointment to apply the affected area, but the dosage should not be too large, otherwise it will be allergic.

If the bacteria enters the skin, it gradually leads to cellulitis. Symptoms include fever, edema, nausea and fever, sometimes triggering, dizziness, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, papules and severe swelling of the lips or tongue.Life is dangerous.



After being bitten by a flat wart, red spots appear on the skin, and alcohol can be used to clean the affected area to prevent further infection.

The affected area usually takes 3 weeks to heal.

Bacterial ticks may infect Lyme disease, and if Lyme disease is not treated in the early stages, it will lead to serious consequences of convulsions.

If you are bitten by tonsils within a month and have flu symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Three simple actions to help you health care


Three simple actions to help you health care

Before going to bed every night, use hot water to soak your feet, use your hands to knead your toes 20-30 times, rub the “Yongquan points” 50-60, then use your right hand to rub your left foot board, and rub your left left leg with your left hand.80-100, and then vice versa, this can pass through alive, conditioning internal organs, to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and strengthen the mind.

銆€銆€Rub the chest with the right palm and press the left and right breasts, the fingers are inclined downwards, and gently push to the left lower abdomen; then use the left palm to lift from the left breast and obliquely to the right lower abdomen, so that the left and right crosses, one up and downFor one time, a total of 80-100 rubs can be combined to wipe the underarms and back, so that those “dormant” and “off-the-job” thymocytes rejuvenate, enhance the secretion of thymosin and improve their immune function.

It has a good adjuvant effect on coronary heart disease, hypertension and pulmonary heart disease.

銆€銆€The health care movement of the hips originated in the United Kingdom. The scientific health care research has proved that the pain caused by the spanking has released a chemical that can produce a large amount of endorphins, which can make people comfortable.pole.

What is the so-called eight-pulse meeting point of Chinese medicine?


These 8 acupoints have been so wonderful!

What is the so-called “eight-pulse meeting point” of Chinese medicine?
These 8 acupoints have been so wonderful!

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of health care. Due to the poor lifestyle of modern people, there are more and more sub-health people, people are more and more aware of health, and it is inseparable from acupuncture points when talking about health. Acupoint health can be said to be the oldest traditional Chinese medicine health care method in China.Because of its green security, it has gradually been recognized by people.

Specifically, the way of acupoint health is mainly through moxibustion or massage acupuncture points. This method can not only maintain health care, but also treat diseases. In our body, there are many acupuncture points that have the effect of treating diseases, and for health.For people, it is also a good way to prevent disease.

The ultimate goal of acupressure is nothing more than eliminating disease and prolonging life.

In our personal body acupuncture points, some acupuncture points are special points and areas. Through the stimulation of certain methods, we can pass the role of Shujin Tongluo and physical fitness.

The eight-pulse rendezvous that we are going to say today is such acupuncture point.

Because of the special nature of its position, for the health and extraordinary effects of the body, let’s follow the masters of the head to find out.

What is the twelve serious and eight veins?

The first book that can be seen in the Eight-Phase Intersection is Song Zihua’s “Eight Caves”, which was later accepted by Dou Hanqing in the book “The Guide to Needles”. Because Dou’s use of this eight-point is becoming famous, the later generationsCall this eight-hole “Dou’s eight holes.”

Before introducing the eight veins, we first come to understand what is the twelve serious and eight veins?

Speaking of the twelve classics, friends who must have had a health experience must know that they are: 1, the hand three yin (hands Taiyin lung, hand yin yin heart, hand Shaoyin heart), 2, hand SanyangBy (hand Yangming large intestine, hand Shaoyang Sanjiao, hand sun small intestine) 3, foot Sanyang Jing (foot Yangming stomach, foot Shaoyang bile, foot sun bladder) 4, foot Sanyin (These twelve meridians above the spleen, the spleen and the spleen, the foot and the yin and the kidney, are called the twelve classics. Whether it is moxibustion, scraping, cupping or other traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, they are probably inseparable.These twelve serious, quickly visible twelve seriousness is of great significance to our health.

At the same time, in our body, in addition to these twelve serious, there are also “the odd eight pulsations”, this strange eight pulse is also very important for health.

Why do you say that?

Because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body is linked together by the twelve seriousnesses, this is a shallow layer, and when it comes to deeper, it is a strange classic.

The biggest effect of the Qijing Eight Pulses is that it can regulate the blood of the twelve meridians: when our twelve meridians have more than enough, they will be stored in the Eight Classics; when the twelve meridians are not enough, the Qijing鈥淥verflow鈥?is added in time.

The so-called eight veins of Chinese medicine actually say that it is the eight classics.

Why is it called the Eight Classics?

The eight veins are different from the twelve positives. They are not directly related to the organs, and there is no coordination relationship between the two. “Do not make a strange line”, so it is called “the odd eight veins.”

Specifically, these eight veins are: Renmai, Dumai, Chongmai, with veins, Yinweimai, Yangweimai, Yinjiao and Yangshuo.

What is the eight-pulse meeting point?

The eight-pulse intersection will also be called “flowing eight holes” and “crossing eight holes.”

I just introduced the concept of the twelve classics and the eight veins. The eight veins will be well understood.

The eight veins are the specific acupoints of the twelve positive and eight veins. The acupoints are distributed below the elbow and knee joints.

A meeting point refers to a point where two or more meridians communicate with each other and meet.

What is the role of the Eight-Pipe Intersection?

The treatment range of the Eight Veins Intersection Point is very wide. Only the records in the Guide to Needles can treat more than 200 kinds of different kinds. Why is this effect?

This is mainly determined by the particularity of the eight acupoints.

The eight-pulse intersection point is the point where the Qijing eight veins intersect with the twelve positives. Once you adjust the diol acupoints, you can start the Qijing eight veins and the twelve normals.

This is like a river. There is water in the stream, the river will be full, and finally the sea will have water.

If the twelve trues are compared to the creek, the eight classics are the sea.

It can be seen from this that the eight-pulse intersection point is very important. The moxibustion eight-pulse intersection point can not only treat the replacement of the classic, but also treat the alternative of the Qijing eight-pulse.

Let’s take a look at the specific points of the eight veins.

Which 8 acupoints are there in the Eight-Phase Intersection?

Regarding the eight veins meeting points, there is a total song about them in the Chinese medicine culture. Remembering this song, I remember these 8 points. This song is: Gongsun Chongmai stomach, inner GuanyinweiThe same as; the same crying outside the neck, the outer Guanyang Weier round; the back of the river governor veins inside the neck, Shenmai Yangxuan even shoulders; the lack of the pulse of the lungs, according to the Haiyin wrist throat tears.

1, one of the eight veins of the meeting points: Gongsun points Gongsun points belong to the spleen of the twelve serious, the connected Qijing eight veins are the pulse.

The pulse is on the head, down to the foot, through the whole body, becoming the rush of blood and blood, can regulate the twelve qi and blood, so it is called the “sea of the twelve meridians”, also known as “blood sea”.

It is related to menstruation of women.After the thumb of the foot, there is a large foot bone. When the foot is inserted into the bone, the most sore place is the Gongsun point.

Gongsun points are the first choice for Wenyang big points to get dysmenorrhea and spleen and stomach diseases.

Because it is the spleen of the spleen, into the spleen, contact with the stomach sputum, and directly connected to the chest and abdomen, so it has the role of both spleen and stomach and chest and abdomen.

2, the second of the eight veins of the meeting points: Neiguan points in the Neiguan points belong to the twelve pericardial pericardium, the connected Qijing eight veins are Yinweimai.

Yin Weimai has the function of “maintaining” the whole body’s yin veins, and is in the main body.

Neiguan points, two inches on the arm and the horizontal stripes of the wrist, are the beautiful points that open the knot and raise the heart and nourish the heart.

For the hand 鍘?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?蹇?

3, the eight points of the eight veins intersection: the foot of the weeping point, the foot of the weeping point belongs to the duodenal bile duct, and the connected eight-pulse is a vein.

With the pulse, the covenant also.

How to understand?

With a pulse around the body for a week, such as a belt, can restrain the longitudinal veins.

The foot is sobbing, also known as the body’s own “Xiao Chai Hu Tang”, is one of the main acupuncture points on the human foot and less biliary tract, located on the outside of the foot.

Why does the foot of the weeping hole reduce the efficacy of Xiaochaihu soup?

Because the foot of the weeping hole raises the body and reduces the qi of the liver and stagnation, often moxibustion can relieve the heat, soothing the liver and stomach.

4, the four points of the eight veins intersection: the Waiguan points outside the Guanguan points belong to the twelve points of the three Jiaojing meridian points, the connected Qijing eight veins are Yangweimai.

Yang Weimai has the function of 鈥渕aintaining鈥?the human body.

Yang Weimai contacts the various yang dynasties, and together with Yin Weimai, it plays a role in accumulating blood.

“Yang Wei is sick and cold.”

Shaoyang is not good for the cardinal, and there will be symptoms of cold when it is cold.

Any headache caused by fever, tinnitus, red eyes and swelling, or pain in both thymus glands, bitter throat, toothache, cold headache, etc. can be treated with external clearance.

At the same time, the Waiguan Point is also the “Cong Er Shen Acupoint” that instantly restores hearing.

5, the five points of the eight veins intersection: Houxi point Houxi point belongs to the small intestine of the twelve classics, and the connected eight-pulse is the governor.

Du Meridian is the yang of the body.

Also known as the sea of the sun.

How to find Houxi Point?

The handle is held into a fist, and the end of the horizontal line behind the metacarpophalangeal joint is the point.

Friends who have experience in acupoint health must know that Houxi can diarrhea, aphrodisiac, adjust the cervical vertebrae, eyesight, positive spine, for the treatment of cervical spondylosis, chronic low back pain, back pain and even the body yang deficiency, the Governor is impassableThe effect is very significant.

6, the eight veins of the intersection of the six points: Shenmai points Shenmai points belong to the duodenal bladder, the connected Qijing eight veins are Yangshuo.

The yin and yang spines are the opening and closing of our eyes and are related to sleep.

The Shenmai acupoint is in the lateral part of the foot, and the outer reorganization is directly below the depression.

Shenmai Point is the most pure medicine for people with cold and sickness.

Because Shenmai points Tongyang wrist, the yang spine passes through the bladder, and Shenmai itself is an important acupoint of the bladder.

Therefore, Shenmai Point is Yangzhong to Yang. Using this acupoint can not only dispel the cold evil in the body, but also enable the yang to reach the dome.

7, the eight veins of the intersection of the seven points: the column of missing points, the lack of points belong to the twelve menstrual lungs, the connected Qijing eight veins are Renmai.

Renmai, in the midline of the ventral surface, always in the Yin of any body, there is called: “the sea of Yinmai.”

Renmai originated in the cell and was related to the pregnancy of the woman, so there is a saying that “the main fetus”.

The column is missing on the wrist stripes.

At 5 inches, “The Four Heads of the Songs” said that “the head item is missing,” the main role of the column is to treat the disease of the head lesion, which is the total point of the disease above the neck.It can be said that it is a portable doctor who specializes in the treatment of stiff neck and migraine.

8, the eight veins of the intersection of the seven points: according to the sea, the sea points belong to the twelve meridians of the kidney, and the connected eight-pulse is the yin.

The yin spine can control the opening and closing of the eyes and the movement of the muscles.The yin spine is the main yin, and the lower limbs move.

According to the sea, it is a strong kidney that bids farewell to sore throat and insomnia.

This point can not only treat sore throat, with kidney sputum, Guan Yuan, Sanyinjiao, but also can treat irregular menstruation.

In addition, often moxibustion according to the sea points, for the treatment of frozen shoulder, insomnia has an auxiliary treatment.

Ok, today’s health knowledge is shared here!

Yangshuo, premature ejaculation, kidney deficiency, lack of yang, I have a good recipe here, some patients have tried, the effect is very good, if necessary, you can pay attention and send a private letter “Fangzi”, I reply to your secret recipe,You can go back and try!

I am a health care physician and share health and wellness knowledge every day!

Winter is coming, how can you sleep without sleep?


Winter is coming, how can you sleep without sleep?

Proper sleep is a necessary means of restoring strength.

However, if you sleep too much, it will break the body’s biological clock, which will make the body unable to make correct self-regulation.

Moreover, the blood circulation of the human body loses its original regularity, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain tissue.

Therefore, I feel dizzy and weak.

In severe cases, it will lead to unfragrant eating, palpitations, shortness of breath, etc.

銆€銆€Some experts have said: “In the deep sleep, human body secretes growth hormone, promotes protein synthesis, and accelerates cell renewal.

“This simple and natural method has no effect on mental fatigue.”

銆€銆€The mental stress caused by troubles is that it is difficult to get into a state of deep sleep. Those so-called supplements will only be more serious, and they will be intermittent, and when they sleep, they will cause great mental damage.

In addition to winter, the night time is much longer than that of summer and autumn. People who get up early are often too late to adjust the biological clock and wake up by the alarm clock, so there will be an old saying that “the winter is not awake.”

銆€銆€How can I sleep well and sleep well?

銆€銆€First, let your body relax before going to bed.

A good guarantee of sleep quality is a relaxed physiological state.

People who have high work pressure and high mental stress do not want to think about work before going to bed at night. They will clear their minds to fall asleep quickly.

銆€銆€Do some soothing exercise before going to bed.

Many people can’t sleep and can’t sleep. There is another reason, that is, the amount of activity during the day is too small, and there is no consumption.

If this is the case, you may wish to do some proper exercise before going to bed. It is good to have a slight sweat on the order of magnitude.

銆€銆€Go to sleep, don’t stay up late.

Experts suggest that the time to promote the secretion of sleep substances in the body is about 10 o’clock in the evening, while the best sleep time for adults over 20 years old is 6 hours and 30 minutes.

In order to allow the brain to have enough time to rest, the mental state is adjusted to the best during the day, so it is recommended that everyone sleep at around 10 pm.


Office family drinking tea detox green tea black tea to reduce radiation damage

The office is a heavily polluted place, because most offices are not airy, and air pollution is inevitable.

Electromagnetic pollution is also a must, a small space of more than a dozen computers.

Coupled with the small number of office sports, it is very important that people in the office detoxify suddenly.

銆€銆€Dry eyes, red: drink chrysanthemum tea, you can add 鏋告潪, Cassia, these can be bought in the supermarket, if there is diarrhea symptoms, Cassia will not add; feel lazy every day, do not want to talk, gasless: drink jaundice tea.

Can be bought at a supermarket or Chinese medicine store.

Get a few slices of tea to drink; if women are prone to dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, stagnation: can drink rose tea; poor appetite: you can drink hawthorn tea, this supermarket also sells; get angry: tooth sore swollen, you can drink lotus heartTea; many people like to drink American ginseng tea and drink American ginseng when they get on fire.

In fact, American ginseng is mainly aimed at yin deficiency and fire. If it is a real fire, it is not very symptomatic.

Judging whether it is yin and anger, everyone can look at their tongue.

If the tongue is very red and the tongue is very thin or even invisible, it is mostly yin and anger.

However, modern people have more yin, most should still be symptomatic; weight loss: what tea can be.

Anyway, don’t expect to rely on tea to help you really lose weight, but drinking tea can clean the stomach and eliminate toxins.

Slimming tea is just a slogan, really want to lose weight, you have to rely on your diet control; anti-cancer, replace the harm of electromagnetic pollution: green tea, black tea, oolong tea can be; another remind everyone, tea must drink light tea, because teaIt is a bit anti-nutritional, and drinking tea is not good for the body!