Eastern Conference Semifinals Wizards Pacers 1-0 Paul 18 + 6 + 5 Hill scored 9 points in 32 seconds

Eastern Conference Semifinals Wizards Pacers 1-0 Paul 18 + 6 + 5 Hill scored 9 points in 32 seconds
On May 6th, Beijing time, the second round of the NBA playoffs started. The Wizards beat the Pacers 102-96 away and grabbed the home advantage.  Bradley Bill scored 25 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. He also steals 5 times.Trevor Ariza scored 22 points and 6 rebounds, Nene Hilario 15 points, Marcin Gortat 12 points and 15 rebounds, John Wall 13 points and 9 assists.  Pacers center Roy Hibbert scored no points and grabbed a rebound.Paul George had 18 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, David West had 15 points and 12 rebounds, Lance Stephenson had 12 points and 6 rebounds, and George Hill had 9 points in the last 32 seconds.Field contribution 18 points.Luis Scola, who came off the bench, scored 12 points.  The Pacers fought seven games with the Eagles in the first round, so they had only one day to prepare for the Wizards.  Like the Eagles, the Wizards’ speed will also cause the Pacers a headache.In addition, there are Nene and Gortat inside the Wizards. It is more doubtful whether the Pacers’ first round downhill Hibbert can find it back.  The Wizards won first, Ariza hit two three-pointers less than 1 minute after the opening, they started 8-0.The Pacers hit the game for the first time after 3 minutes of play, which was the only highlight of their first 5 minutes.After Gortat and Nene also started playing in the basket, the Wizards gradually expanded their advantage. When there were 4 minutes in the first quarter, Wall shot and the Wizards led 18-7.Ariza scored 11 points in the first quarter and the Wizards led 28-15.  West shot from the beginning of the second quarter. Stephenson succeeded with a three-pointer. The Pacers finally found the feeling. They started the quarter with a wave of 16-2 and overtake with 31-30 in one fell swoop.Nene succeeded three times in a row, and the Wizards regained their advantage.With 2 minutes and 17 seconds left in this section, Nene’s jumper was brilliant, and the Wizards achieved a double-digit advantage with 51-41.The Pacers once again broke through the obstacles. In the last 3 minutes of the quarter, they only scored 2 points. At halftime, they trailed by 13 points 43-56.  Hibbert didn’t score a point in the first half, and after playing for 1 minute in the third quarter, he got his fourth foul and had to rest next.With 5 minutes and 18 seconds left in this section, Ariza made two free throws and the Wizards led 16 points with 68-52.The Pacers’ defense finally exerted its power. The rest of the quarter only allowed the opponent to score 1 point. After three quarters, they chased the score to 62-69.If Scola missed two free throws, the differences between the two sides would be smaller.  Andre Miller made a three-pointer and the Wizards scored 5 points to start the fourth quarter, regaining a double-digit advantage.The Pacers fought back constantly, closing the gap several times.  With 7 minutes and 41 seconds left in the game, George scored 3 points in a row with a penalty and the Pacers trailed only 76-82.Bill immediately scored a three-pointer. Less than a minute later, he succeeded in a long shot again. After the Wizards played 10-2, they led 92-78 with 5 minutes and 44 seconds left.  The Pacers’ counterattack ends here. In seven minutes, they replaced a single shot and continued their vigor by relying on free throws only.After Hibbert missed another shot, he was replaced with 2 minutes and 34 seconds left, and Scola, who was on the field, also missed the shot.After Wall caused the foul, the Wizards led 94-84 with one free throw and one minute and 24 seconds left.  The difference in Pacers’ status was surprising, and Hill missed two free throws since then.West twice grabbed an offensive rebound, but missed a complementary shot. After passing to the perimeter, George also missed three points.There are still 40 in the game.At 6 seconds, they only made a 3-pointer from Copeland. Hill made a three-point long shot in the last 32 seconds, but still unable to return to the sky.(Angkor)

Sports Morning News: Kane’s left leg ligament torn, Navas welcomes 500 games baseline

Sports Morning News: Kane’s left leg ligament torn, Navas welcomes 500 games baseline
Tottenham announced Kane’s injury.Figure / club official micro[injury]Kane’s left leg ligament torn in the early hours of Beijing time, Tottenham officially announced the injury of the leading striker Kane: the left leg ligament is torn, there is no specific recovery timetable.According to foreign media forecasts, Kane will rest for 4 to 6 weeks.Subsequently, Kane said on personal social media: “Look up!”Tough days will not last, but strong people will always be strong.[La Liga]Navas vs. 500 games. In the La Liga match against Athletic Bilbao this morning, Captain Jesus Navas ushered in his 500th runway in Seville.Before the game, he and his family showed the “Navas 500” jersey.In this game, Athletic Bilbao scored a goal in the first 15 minutes, and they gave their opponent a goal in the 60th minute, and the two sides eventually drew 1-1.【CBA】 Beijing’s 26 turnovers made a high record. Beibei’s men’s basketball team lost to the Shenzhen team 75 to 106 in the second half of the regular season last night. They lost for the third time this season with a five-game winning streak, creating a new season-high 26 turnoversBecome the initial cause of the game distortion.For the single quarter score of 9:35 in the third quarter, coach Marbury believes that “the player is not ready.”

[Children’s Runfei Decoction]_Recipe_Recipe

[Children’s Runfei Decoction]_Recipe_Recipe

If parents find that their babies have sores on their tongues, and they often have eye waste, they must speculate whether their babies are getting angry.

Most of the time the baby gets angry is caused by a strong lung, so if you want to treat the fire, it is enough to light the lung first.

But taking medicine regularly is bad for your child’s body, so are there some decoctions about children’s lungs?

Recommended Qingfei Decoction: Houttuynia cordata and pork lung Recommended reason: This soup can help your baby clear heat, reduce phlegm, and relieve cough.

Materials: 30 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 250 grams of pork lungs, 1/4 Lo Han Guo.

Method: 1. Wash the Houttuynia cordata first, rinse the pig’s lungs and cut into pieces. (If you find it difficult to clean the pig’s lungs, you can wash the pig’s lungs with water, then put them into a pot with water to open quickly.Remove the pig’s lungs when the water is boiling, and remove the dirt on both sides of the pig’s lungs.

) Then stir thoroughly in an iron pan and strain dry in rinsing water.

2. Put the ingredients from step 1 into the pot, pour an appropriate amount of water, boil the huohuo for 2 hours, and cook for 2-3 bowls.

3, season with a small amount of salt, you can add 2-3 times.

Nutrition Tips: Houttuynia cordata can clear heat and detoxify, diuretic and swell, cure pneumonia, have anti-pathogenic microorganism effect, and help your baby strengthen the immune system.

Pig lung contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, which can be used to treat lung deficiency cough, chronic cough and hemoptysis.

Luo Han Guo has the effects of moistening lungs and relieving cough, replenishing and quenching thirst, and is suitable for lung heat or dry cough, whooping cough, and summer heat injury and thirst. At the same time, Luo Han Guo also has the function of intestinal laxative.

Recommended Qingfei Decoction: Sydney Pot Chuanbei Recommended Reason: Sydney Pot Chuanbei has the effects of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs and reducing phlegm.

Materials: 2 Sydneys, 6 grams of Chuanbei.

Practices: 1. Peel and heart the Sydney and cut into a bite-sized piece.

2. Shred the Chuanbei, put it in the pot with Sydney, and add an appropriate amount of water.

3. Cook in a simmering pot for 1 hour and serve a bowl for the child.

If you are a baby, you can eat Chuanbei. If you are a baby, just drink soup.

Nutrition Tips: This soup tastes sweet and sweet, I believe the baby will not refuse.

The sweet taste comes from Sydney.

Sydney has the effects of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, which can make children’s throats feel refreshing and comfortable, and it is indispensable to moisturize them in autumn and winter.

If you eat cold fruits in winter, this Sydney Chuanbei Soup is a good way to eat Sydney.

Chuanbei is a commonly used Chinese medicine. Its traditional functions are to nourish the lungs, relieve cough, and reduce phlegm, which can help clear the lungs. If your baby has a few coughs, this soup is a good choice.

Recommended Qingfei Decoction: Black Fungus and Red Jujube Lean Meat Recommended reason: This soup has the effect of clearing the lungs and nourishing qi.

Materials: 30 grams of black fungus, 20 grams of jujube (dried), 350 grams of pork, moderate salt, 3 slices of ginger, 1500 ml of water.

Practice: 1. Soak the black fungus, wash it, soak the red dates to remove the kernel, and wash it.

2. Wash the lean pork and shred it for future use.

3. First put black fungus and red dates in a clay pot, add 1500 ml of water (about 6 bowls of water), cook for 60 minutes, add lean pork and ginger, roll until cooked, and add an appropriate amount of salt instead.

Nutrition Tips: Black fungus can promote peristalsis in the body and prevent constipation. It is beneficial to the timely removal and discharge of toxic substances in the stool in the body, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and moistening the lungs and intestines.

Jujube can strengthen the spleen and qi, and at the same time can nourish the skin and let the baby eat a rosy complexion.

Lean pork also has the effect of nourishing the spleen and nourishing blood, and is beneficial to qi and blood.

[Can confinement drink honey water]_Honey water_Postpartum_Can I drink

[Can confinement drink honey water]_Honey water_Postpartum_Can I drink

Honey is a drink that many of us like very much, but its drinking method is also more particular about it, especially for postpartum women during confinement, some nutrition of the diet needs to be supplemented by mothers, then you can drink some honey?

You can drink honey water during confinement, but you should pay attention to about 100 grams per day, not more than 200 grams. It is best to take warm water before breakfast and after dinner every day. Do not use boiling water to wash the water, otherwise the honeyWill be destroyed.

Don’t drink honey with leeks, tofu, and spring onions.

Infants have relatively low immunity and cannot be taken directly. Mothers have very good results when taken, which can improve their immunity and achieve anti-fatigue effects.

It is recommended to drink wild dam honey, motherwort honey, earth honey and other honey.

If the physique is relatively weak and afraid of cold, it is recommended to eat jujube nectar, jujube nectar is generally brown, difficult to crystallize, and has a strong jujube taste.

Jujube nectar has a good effect of replenishing qi and blood, but it is a mild honey. Do not eat too quickly to avoid getting angry.

Jujube nectar is not effective in treating constipation, but it has curative effects on both Qi and blood loss, physical weakness, anemia, and cold hands and feet.

If there is no physical weakness, you can drink some neutral and cool honey such as earth honey and wild bazi honey.

Native honey has a long brewing time, good indicators such as merase value, and relatively high prices.

Yebazi honey is an endemic nectar species in Yunnan. It has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying and is also a very good nectar species.

The above two types of honey are easy to crystallize. Except for a few types of honey such as jujube nectar, longan honey and acacia honey, other honeys are basically easy to crystallize.

If it is a mother who usually uses a computer and a mobile phone, or special military industries, and is affected by radiation, it is recommended to place Rhodiola honey in daily life, because Rhodiola honey is easy to crystallize, its crystals are dense and slightly lightBitter taste, good anti-radiation, anti-hypoxia, activating blood, improving immunity and other effects.

[Can acupuncture lose weight to eat corn]_ acupuncture slimming _ can you eat

銆 愰 拡 鐏 缏 瑺 鋺 ヨ 兘 钖 黫 廫 滧 抧 銆 慱 阍 堢 伕 鐦 ﹁韩 _ 鑳 悆 悆 钖?
This is the case of the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party.The awards ceremony was changed at the award ceremony, and the umbrella was changed, and the chain was linked to ammonia. It was read from each other. It ‘s a great deal. We do n’t know what ‘s going on. What ‘s going on?What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What’s the difference? The nickname chain is very simple. It’s just a lot of time.爢绉捣鏉ョ殑锛屼笉杩囧湪閽堢伕鐨勮繃绋嬩腑浼氭湁涓€浜涚柤鐥涚殑鎰熻銆備负浜嗚揪鍒伴拡鐏稿噺鑲ユ晥鏋滈拡鐏告椂蹇呮墡姘翠唤銆佹按閬撶┐鍥犳缁勭粐娑茶緝鏄撴帓鍑轰綋澶栥€傞拡鐏歌繃閲嶈€呭鍥犺倽鑲惧姛鑳戒笉浣筹紝绱Н鍔ㄧ墿鑴傝偑澶ц吙鑵归儴鑲ヨ儢鑰咃紝璇ュ闈欒剦澶氬憟鐏版祳鐘讹紝杩欒〃绀轰笅鍗婅韩鏂伴檲浠h阿涓嶄匠锛屾垨鏄湀缁忎笉璋冿紝淇冧娇鑽峰皵钂欑疮绉柤鑴傝偑涓€傚コ鎬ц嫢灞為槾鎬т綋璐紝甯镐細閫犳垚涓嬪崐韬偉鑳栵紝閽堢伕鍑忚偉鏁堟灉灏辫澶氬悆鐑€ч鍝佸钁便€佸銆佽挏銆侀珮绮遍厭銆佽儭妞掔瓑椋熷搧锛岀摐绫诲睘瀵掓€у簲灏介噺骞稿厤銆傞拡鐏稿噺鑲ヨ繃绋嬩腑鏈夊皯鏁版偅鑰呭洜瀹虫€曞紩璧峰叏韬毊鑲ょ揣寮犵揣缁凤紝绋嶆湁鐤肩棝锛屼絾寰堝揩鐤肩棝灏变細娑堥€濓紝鍦ㄦ不鐤楀嚑娆″悗灏变笉浼氬嚭鐜扮柤鐥涗簡銆傚疄鍦ㄨ繖涓熀鏈笉绠楁槸寰堢棝锛屽彧鏄墡閽堢殑鏃跺€欐湁鏈洪拡鏈夌偣鎰熻锛屼絾鏄兘涓嶄細寰堢棝锛岃€屼笖瀹冨熀鏈病鏈変粈涔堝壇浣滅敤锛屽彧 鏄湪閽堢伕鍑忚偉鏈熼棿瑕佹敞鎰忔帶鍒堕ギ椋燂紝涓嶇劧灏变細閫傚緱鍏跺弽銆傛劅鏌撲紶鏌撶梾鍦ㄤ竴浜涢拡鐏稿噺鑲ュ満鎵€娌℃湁涓ユ牸鎸夌収鈥濅竴浜轰竴閽堜竴绌粹€滅殑鍩烘湰鍘熷垯锛岀敤瀹屽悗绔嬪嵆涓㈠純;涔熸病鏈夊繀瑕佺殑娑堟瘨璁惧锛屽洜鑰屽氨浜х敓浜嗚繖绉嶉拡鐏稿噺鑲ュ壇浣滅敤鐨勯棶棰樸€傚洜涓哄鏋滀娇鐢ㄩ潪涓€娆℃€х殑閽堢伕閽堬紝閭d箞姣忔墡杩囦竴涓┐浣嶏紝灏卞簲璇ュ皢閽堟敹璧锋蹈娉★紝鍐嶈繘琛岄珮娓╅珮鍘嬫秷姣掞紝杩欐牱鎵嶈兘鏉滅粷浼犳煋鐥呴€氳繃閽堢伕閽堜紶鎾€備粎闈犳秷姣掓恫娴告场涓嶈兘瑙e喅闂銆傝繖绉嶆儏褰紝鎰熸煋浼犳煋鐥呯殑鍗遍櫓鐩稿綋澶с€傛檿閽堟槒杩锋病鏈夋晥鏋滄渶澶氭槸娴垂浜嗛挶璐紝鑰借浜嗘椂闂达紝鏈€鍙€曠殑鏄€濇墡鍑轰簨鈥滄潵銆傚湪杩涜閽堢伕鍑忚偉鏃讹紝鑵归儴鐨勯拡涓嶈兘杩涘緱澶繁锛屽惁鍒欏彲鑳戒細浼ゅ埌鑴忓櫒銆傚挨鍏舵槸瀵硅吂澹佽杽鐨勫勾杞诲コ鎬э紝鏇村簲澶氬姞娉ㄦ剰銆傚彟澶栵紝閽堢伕甯堣繕搴旇鏈夊鐞嗚濡傛檿閽堛€佹粸閽堛€佸集閽堛€佹姌閽堢瓑寮傚父鐜拌薄鐨勮兘鍔涖€傛病绯荤粺瀛﹁繃瑙e墫瀛︺€侀拡鐏稿锛屽寙蹇欎笂闃电殑鈥濋拡鐏稿笀鈥滐紝鎴栬瀵逛互涓婃儏鍐垫牴鏈病鏈変簡瑙o紝浠栦滑鐨勬妧鏈按骞充笉浠呰浜烘€€鐤戯紝杩樻湭鍏嶈浜哄鎬曘€?

Connie Electromechanical (603111): Track-to-order performance guarantees revenue growth in line with expectations

Connie Electromechanical (603111): Track-to-order performance guarantees revenue growth in line with expectations

1H19 is basically in line with our expectations. Connie Electromechanical announced 1H19 results: realized operating income of 18.

2 ‰, increasing by 0 every year.

6%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

4 trillion, a turnaround from the same period last year, corresponding to a previous return of 0.

14 yuan, basically in line with our expectations.

In the second quarter of 19, the company realized revenue 9.

900 million, down 2 a year.

1%, net profit attributable to mother is 0.

7 trillion, a turnaround from the same period last year.

The main business achieved rapid growth and the gross profit margin decreased slightly.

In 1H19, the company’s main business income was 14.

1 ppm, a significant increase of 51 per year.

6%; revenue from new energy vehicle parts1.

9.4 billion, an annual increase of 17.


Overall gross profit margin decreased by 1.

9ppt to 30.


The expense ratio increased slightly during the period; operating cash flow resumed.

During 1H19, the expense ratio increased slightly by 1.

1ppt, management / R & D / financial expense ratios are changed by +1.

8 / -0.

9 / + 0.


In the first half of this year, the business was operating normally, and the company’s net interest rate turned positive.


Cash exchange for operating activities 2.

5 trillion, less than the same period last year2.

400 million US dollars, mainly due to the large capital expenditure of Longxin Technology in the same period last year.

Development Trend Longxin Technology is expected to complete the replacement within the year.

On August 5, 2019, the statement of the sale of 100% equity of Longxin Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was approved by the extraordinary shareholders meeting. We expect that the replacement of Longxin Technology is 杭州桑拿网 expected to be completed within the year, and the company will refocus on rail transportation.

Rail transit’s main business will maintain steady revenue growth.

As of June 2019, the company’s on-hand orders amounted to 39.

880,000 yuan, an increase of 5 earlier.

8%, the gradual delivery of orders in hand will ensure the steady growth of the company’s revenue.

In addition, the company’s self-developed gate module has been tested in Nanjing, Wuhan and other places on multiple stations.

New energy automotive door system business developed steadily.

Under the background of intensified competition in the new energy automobile parts industry, the company’s independent development of new energy bus door systems has steadily advanced. At present, it has cooperated with Nanjing Jinlong, Suzhou Jinlong, BYD, Yinlong Bus, 北京养生会所 Zhongtong Bus, Yaxing Bus, ShenyangHigh-quality OEM customers such as Wagon have established cooperative relationships.We believe that the company has the advantages of technology and customers, and the city share is expected to increase in the future.

Earnings forecasts and estimates We maintain the company’s 2019/20 earnings forecasts unchanged.

The company’s current consensus corresponds to 17 in 2019/20.


2x P / E, we maintain a neutral rating and a company target price of 5.

45 yuan, corresponding to 18/15 times P / E in 2019/20, which is 3 more than currently available.

6% upside.

The risk rail is handed over to the single-speed highway in the new millennium.

Gujia Household (603816) Semi-annual Report Comment: Promote Channel Construction, Adjust Blank Markets, Tax Cuts and Raw Material Prices Boost Gross Margin

Gujia Household (603816) Semi-annual Report Comment: Promote Channel Construction, Adjust Blank Markets, Tax Cuts and Raw Material Prices Boost Gross Margin
19H1 realized income of 50.100,000 yuan, an increase of 23 in ten years.74%, net profit attributable to mother 5.59 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.79%, net of non-attributed net profit4.32 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.99%; of which 19Q2 achieved income of 25.500,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.10%, net profit attributable to mother 2.63 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.01%, net of non-attributed net profit 2.35 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.12%. The marketing expenses were optimized in the second quarter, and the sales expense ratio 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 was significantly reduced.2Q19 sales expense ratio 17.11%, a decline of 3 per year.23pct, mainly due to the company’s optimization of advertising channel placement and increased cost control.The company’s expense ratio during the 2019H1 period was 23.68% (+1.35pct), of which the selling expense ratio is 17.92% (-0.58pct), management expense ratio 3.22% (+1.03pct), R & D expense ratio 1.47% (+0.04pct), financial expense ratio 1.07% (+0.85pct).The increase in financial expenses is due to the increase in expected expenses and the increase in management expenses.22%, mainly due to the increase in personnel, leasing, office expenses and mergers and acquisitions. In terms of channels, the company increased its promotion efforts in the first half of the year, shortened the shop opening cycle by optimizing the process, and entered 82 blank 南京桑拿网 cities in the first half of the year, while optimizing 48 cities.The company currently has more than 6,000 brand stores worldwide.In terms of production capacity, the construction of the factory building of the Gujia Huanggang Base (an annual output of 600,000 standard sets of software and 400 universal custom home products) has been completed by 23%, and the construction of the Jiaxing Base (an annual output of 800,000 standard sets of software and furniture projects) has been completed%, The company’s national production capacity distribution is almost complete. Sofas, beddings, and custom furniture maintain high growth rates.Sofas, bedding products and custom furniture 2019H1 achieved revenue growth of 31.75% / 38.02% / 67.63%, the income share was 59.11% (+3.83pct), 15.21% (+1.63pct) / 2.88% (+0.76pct).The company achieved domestic sales in the first half of the year, with sales of 27 respectively.880,000 yuan, 19.90 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.08%, 47.97%. From the perspective of gross profit margin, the company’s gross profit margin for the first half of 19 was 35.90%, basically the same as last year.19Q2 gross profit margin was 36.52%, an increase of 0 every year.94pct, mainly due to the impact of increased tax cuts and a decline in raw material prices.Company territory gross profit margin 43.95% (+2.73pct), overseas gross profit margin 24.61% (+1.76pct).Product angle, sofa gross margin 36.31% (+3.61pct), bed products gross margin 42.64% (+2.64 points), gross margin of supporting products 22.14% (-6.06pct). Maintain profit forecast and give “Buy” rating.It is expected that the company will achieve net profit attributable to mothers by 2019-2021.06/14.48/17.50,000 yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.89% / 20.07% / 17.78%, PE was 15.3 times / 12.8X / 10.8 times. Risk warning: rapid land appreciation transition; less-than-expected channel development, Sino-US trade friction escalating

Great Wall Motor (601633): A fire in the winter of the automobile market, June sales again against the trend and positive growth

Great Wall Motor (601633): A fire in the winter of the automobile market, June sales again against the trend and positive growth
Event: The company released a June sales report, and achieved sales of 6 in June.330,000 vehicles, an increase of 1 every year.79%, the cumulative sales in the first 6 months of 49.350,000 vehicles, gradually breaking through the counter-trend growth4.67%.Among them, SUV achieved sales of 5.With 200,000 units sold, 7,166 pickups were sold. The Euler brand achieved sales of 3762 units, and the Euler brand achieved sales of 3762 units. M6 and pickup country VI temporarily added, terminal demand is still full.M6 models and pickups of the Fengjun 5, Fengjun 6, and other models are subject to factors such as parts of the country ‘s six parts and the country ‘s model tests and announcements. The country ‘s emissions area has not been able to replenish the country ‘s inventory of specific models.Under short-term pressure, the problem will be gradually resolved in July.In addition, the demand for these types of terminals is still full. Among them, pickup terminal sales are above 12000, and the M6 still has high cost performance and is sought after by end consumers.The Great Wall, as the progress of the current round of the Sixth National Switchover, has completed and overcame the smaller car companies. There has been no large-scale dumping of the National Veterinary phenomenon. There is a short-term disadvantage in terms of price in the short-term and association.Product strength and cost-effectiveness advantages will continue to show. F7 continues to sell and rebuild explosive models, and overseas markets are 深圳桑拿网 expected to gradually exert their strength.F7, as one of the most popular big items, has achieved sales of 10,128 vehicles in June. It has maintained sales of more than 10,000 vehicles for seven consecutive months since its launch. It has become a brand-new explosion model after H6, and subsequent configurations of F7x have been successivelyAt the same time, the overseas version of the F7 produced by the Tula factory in Russia has also been put into mass production. F7 will work with H6 to write a legend of explosion models.In June, the company’s export sales of 6711 cars increased by 83 each year.31% of products are overseas. In the future, exports and overseas factories will work together to provide strong support for overseas markets.Although the sales volume of WEY brand is under pressure in the short term, at least it can be strengthened through the recent brand promotion and the gradual recognition of consumers. The future performance is still worth looking forward to. R1 has been explosive in the segment field, and new energy will become a new bright spot.The Euler R1 is built with a new pure electric ME platform. Its internal space and power consumption performance are both ahead of the competition. In June, it achieved sales of 3,198 units, which has stabilized at more than 3,000 units and has greater potential for improvement.In the second half of the year, the launch of the Euler R2 and the introduction of more feature-rich and relatively cost-effective model configurations of existing models will be gradually launched in more regions. The subsequent performance is worth looking forward to.At the same time, Hive Energy’s latest release of the world’s first cobalt-free batteries NMx and NCMA quaternary batteries is expected to replace the commanding heights of the new round of power battery revolution. Great Wall Motor’s future performance in the field of new energy will also become a new bright spot.The pressure and restraint of double integration will crystallize thoroughly. Investment suggestion: The company’s sales volume will continue to maintain strong growth after the impact of the transition of the country’s six countries, so that the 1.2 million sales target is likely to be successfully achieved.Considering that the sales volume and terminal discounts of the automotive industry are stronger than expected in the first half of the year, we expect the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 50 in 19/20.07 ppm / 57.37 billion.At present, although the wholesale sales of the automotive industry is still sluggish due to the impact of inventory, the retail volume has improved in June. After the industry has truly built up, demand will gradually change in the second half of the year.Reversing the trend and strengthening market share, the industry will reach a higher elasticity during the recovery period. We will continue to make strategic recommendations and maintain a “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Passenger car sales fall short of expectations, price cuts are larger than expected

Baby biting may be caused by allergies

Baby biting may be caused by allergies

Xiao Mingming often bites when playing with children in the community, he just stutters and is very mobile.

Examination by a doctor revealed that this may be caused by allergic damage to the heart.

Medical word literacy: heart wheezing measles When allergic damage to the heart, taking small particles such as pollen, dust or eating certain foods and drinks will enter the lungs and other organs and tissues, causing inflammation and thrombosis.

These symptoms can cause poor blood flow to the heart, leading to morbidity.

Studies have shown that particulate matter can cause electrode reactions and affect the nervous system.

It should be noted that, whether or not allergies caused by allergens are caused, and whether the symptoms of allergies are very different, it will cause different degrees of heart damage. Medically it is called “acute heart measles.”

The baby bites and stutters. Considering allergies, he only notices the performance of allergies on the skin and mucous membranes, and ignores other manifestations: baby bites, stutters, and hyperactivity are related to allergies.

Because these manifestations are difficult to associate with allergies and heart damage, it is easy to be ignored even if the heart is “allergic”.

Due to allergic damage to the heart, and the baby will not express the feeling of flustering in words, irritability, crying, and even biting, beating behavior: because it is easy to get excited, talk a lot, speak quickly, and airways are tense, The baby will behave as stuttering.

Allergic constitution 1 showing knowledge, the baby often rubs his eyes and blinks: itchy eyes due to allergic conjunctivitis, it is easy to blink and blue eyes over time.

2. Nasal shoveling and picking up the nose: Because of nasal congestion or itching, the baby often shrugs or picks up the nose, so it feels more comfortable.

3. Dry cough and throat clearing: Due to chronic laryngitis or nasal discharge, the baby often feels pharyngeal discomfort, itching, and foreign body sensation in his throat, so he needs to clear his throat.

4, stuttering, hyperactivity, lack of focus, temperament, irritability and even biting or other aggressive behaviors: Babies who are physically sensitive generally have a fast heart rhythm, high sensitivity to the outside world, and are easily affected by the outside world.For attention is easy to transfer, irritable, impatient.

5, easily tired, do not like to walk, often have to hug people; the research results are plentiful, otherwise it is listless.

6, recurrent bronchitis, pneumonia or chronic cough: especially babies who cough after exercise or after eating chocolate.

7, do not love to sleep, difficulty falling asleep, sweating easily: especially half an hour to 2 hours just after falling asleep.

Through the above description, I believe you have a certain understanding of allergies.

If your baby has three or more allergic symptoms such as skin, eyes, nose, trachea, or heart, he can be considered an allergic constitution.

Need to pay attention to baby allergies?

Genetic factors The more obvious the parents’ allergies are, the earlier the baby will develop symptoms.

In addition, it is also related to the environment, such as the induction of certain foods, living environments, and climate.

Usually pay attention to keep your baby as little as possible to absorb all kinds of allergens.


Keep away from the most common sources of inhaled allergies such as pneumocystis, pollen, mold, dust (including cigarettes), and cockroaches.

More allergens, such as fish and shrimp, seafood, eggs, nuts and juicy fruits, are swallowed.

The less the amount of allergens in the environment, the less likely it is to cause allergies. Many people need years of allergen stimulation before they can have obvious allergies.


In addition to allergic prevention, beyond the allergy source, to improve the baby’s allergic constitution, usually you should carefully observe and identify your baby’s allergic performance as early as possible, and consult relevant experts in time to prevent allergies.

Lotus root cooling blood and bleeding

Lotus root cooling blood and bleeding

Lotus root has the effects of clearing heat and cooling blood, fixing astringent and stopping bleeding, strengthening spleen and appetizing, and promoting thirst.

After pounding the juice, it has strong heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, and has a calming and calming effect. It can clear summer heat and thirst, and it is effective for lung heat cough and blood heat delusion.

There are many blood disorders such as hemoptysis, vomiting, hematuria, bleeding, and menstruation.

  It is also common to use lotus root with small recipes to deal with common symptoms, such as nosebleeds, sputum, and other bleeding. You can use fresh lotus root to squeeze juice, swallow frequently, or use fresh lotus root slices to boil water for oral administration.

Drunk people can add fresh vinegar juice and white vinegar, sugar, orally, which can relieve toxic effects, sober up and quench thirst.

Glutinous rice with fresh glutinous rice porridge can benefit qi and health and is suitable for dry mouth, bitterness, nausea and nausea caused by chemoradiation.

Stir-fried yellow noodles, add equal amount of coriander powder, rinse with boiling water, add salt or sugar intake, have astringent astringent effect, obvious antidiarrheal effect, and be helpful for the recovery of diarrhea or complications caused by radiation.

  The use of fresh lotus roots as a dietetic medicated diet is as follows: Liangxuezhixue prescription: used for vomiting, hemoptysis, blood in the stool and other bleeding caused by blood heat delusion.

About 200 grams of fresh ravioli, washed, peeled and sliced.

荸荠 200g peeled and sliced, cooked with fresh scallion. After the simmered fire is cooked, add a small amount of sugar, eat vegetables and soup, it has a hemostatic effect.

  Shengjin appetizer recipe: loss of appetite caused by heat of the spleen and stomach, sores in the tongue, burning stomach, thick breath, and other symptoms.

200 grams of fresh ravioli, peeled and sliced.

50 grams of white vinegar and honey each, add an appropriate amount of water, soak the loquat tablets, and put them in the refrigerator freezer for two days.

Dry mouth caused by cranial radiotherapy is also very suitable.

  Yangxuezhixue Fang: used for deficiency of qi and blood due to bleeding, paleness, fatigue, or thrombocytopenia, bleeding, and anemia caused by chemoradiation.

500 g of coccygeal bone, slow cook for about 1 hour.

50 grams of peanut rice, soaked for half a day, 200 grams of fresh scallion, peeled and cut into pieces, add stew in the pot with the cavity and bone for about half an hour, add seasonings as appropriate, and have blood and hemostatic effects.

  Fresh glutinous food is cold, and it is difficult to digest raw cold foods, which hinders the spleen and stomach. Therefore, those with spleen deficiency and cold stomach will have diarrhea and try to be cooked thoroughly before eating.

Do not use pig iron when processing fresh ravioli to prevent the fresh ravioli from discoloring.

Fresh loquat is a high-starch food with high sugar content. If used together with glucocorticoids, it may lead to inhibition of sugar decomposition and increase of blood sugar. It should be used with caution.